MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Workstation Online Alert Notification

I would like a small popup notification for a list of target workstations, to notify me when they come online. There are a lot of road warrior workstations that are behind on patches, automated tasks, etc., and they get powered on for a brief moment. It would be nice to tag certain workstations to alert me, so I can immediately head over and send commands.


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Lock / pop-out for the LOGICcards window

I would like to see the option to "lock" the LOGICcards window and/or to be able to open it in an pop-up. While working with the LOGICcards you will probably want to investigate / resolve notifications. Sometimes there are a couple of different clients / sites with the same problem, each that require a couple of steps "behind the scene's" (for example: long uptime, you want to check when backups run and schedule a restart ...more »


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