MSP N-central

Probe high availability (HA) or allow probe Failover

It would be good to be able to install multiple probes at a site, and have devices within the site (or sub-site) monitored by both probes. Having the option to specify the probes in be Active/passive, OR Active/Active, or even simply to allow Failover of monitored devices (such as connectivity or WMI monitoring) if 1 probe becomes unavailable, will be a great improvement.


MSP N-central

Default notification profile for Probes

In v11.1, N-Central added a feature that automatically adds the default "Agent/Probe Status" notification profile to all new Probes. This is excellent... unless you don't use the default notification templates. I would like to have the ability to automatically add non-default notification profiles to a Probe. Preferably this functionality would be implemented through the existing Rules structure, just like any other automatic ...more »


MSP N-central

Probe failover cluster groups. (agent also probe)

Allow users to define multiple probes and bundle the service in the agent. With more networks going to Azure AD (Office 365), we are needing a solution that does not require servers. This will open up to more site assignments without adding network complexity. 1) Create a group heatbeat that checks the probe status directly between local devices on a schedualble interval. 2) On each Probe a small xml type document ...more »


MSP N-central

Allow for multiple creds to be configured (Windows and more)

I've seen many scanner software products that can utilize multiple credentials for any credential types. And while we can for Linux, Mac OS, and SNMP, we are unable to configure multiple windows credentials or even customize a discovery job to use different creds than the default creds. The suggestion is to configure N-Central to allow for all credentials to be configured in the Admin section of each customer for every ...more »


MSP N-central

SNMP Monitoring without Probe

We need a feature that we can create custom monitoring services and add them to machines without the need for a probe. EG: Monitoring a SonicWall's interfaces via SNMP through the public IP address. The reason I would like to request this feature is that we currently use PRTG and Cacti for monitoring networks, but these don't satisfy the simplicity of looking at a N-Central dashboard as well as the fact the notifications ...more »


MSP N-central

Clearer wording on out-of-date versions when moving devices

This is to request better wording for error messages when attempting to move a device from one customer/site to another. Referring to the attached example, the probe on this site was out-of-date. While the bold text indicates such, it's alleged that the font without any styling could lead the user to believe that the device has been mis-identified as containing a probe, or that the device being moved is, itself out of ...more »


MSP N-central

Ability to install probe via an automation or even a checkbox

In Connectwise Automate, you could easily change a probe and install from the console. With N-Central, well it's just not that simple, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like it to be! Oftentimes, we have probes go out of commission at a location and need to run a new probe on the network, but don't want to disturb the client to do the install. Even just a silent install with defaults would be nice that ...more »