MSP Manager

Submitted by (@brian.ait)

Quick Add a New Procedure from Ticket Note, Response, Attachment

For example, Tech creates a Ticket Note (or Response or Attachment) and determines this info should be part of a new procedure (maybe even an existing procedure. They should could just check a box to turn it in to a procedure for that customer or perhaps a root / global level procedure. This would save copy / paste or retyping / re-uploading it as a new procedure. Sorry if this has been covered before. I couldn't ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@mafavreau)

Assign procedure to a ticket

We'd like to be able to assign a procedure to a ticket. We would use it as a task list. We have already workflows in place for different tasks, for example, creating a new user. We need to create the user, create an email, assign the email to the user, assign correct GPOs, groups, etc. If we could just import a procedure (with checkboxes if possible) inside a ticket as task, we could standardize our service and we'd be ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@abirchler)

Global Procedures - Not tied to a particular customer

Procedures that are not tied to a particular customer but can be linked to multiple customers. This would be useful for publishing globally accepted procedures and make the editing of those in one place much easier. We have products that a lot of our customers use, and being able to post, say an upgrade process and tag the customers it would show under would be useful. That way if they change we can update them in ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@jgerman3)

Formatting inside of Procedures

Morning, I'd like to request a feature I believe would greatly benefit the MSP manager partner base. Would it be possible to include formatting inside "Procedures" similar to how it's available inside of "Notes"? The current plain text is rather limiting and having the ability to use bullet points, numbering, bold, font size change, etc. would offer more use of Procedures.


Thanks for the consideration!


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