MSP Backup & Recovery

nCentral Profiles - Archive settings

I would like also set the archive settings in a profile, now I need to set this in every client device manually, it would be better if these settings can also be managed with profiles


Sorry - duplicate of idea 283599-4178 http://ideas.solarwindsmsp.com/a/dtd/archiving-configuration-in-profile/283599-4178#idea-tab-comments


MSP Backup & Recovery

Stackable/Nested Profiles

It would be nice to be able to have stackable profiles similar to how AV Defender's exclusions work. That way we don't need individual profiles that all need updating when an exclusion needs to be added. Here is a base profile that says backup x, exclude y I then find for certain devices I need to exclude z. Rather than having to create a new profile that includes all the details from the base profile plus whatever extra ...more »