MSP Manager

Project reporting and billing

I would like to see better report and billing functions for projects.


I would like to be able to choose from a list of all active projects, no matter which customer, and create and export relevant reports with important data.

I would also like to be able to use a more granular billing function where I can bill project tickets separately and/or more visible project tickets on the invoicing reports.


MSP Manager

Project overview Dashboard

I would like to have a Project Overview Dashboard where I can view all projects on all customers and the important data, like:

Amount of project tickets

Involved resources

Amount of hours

project overall status: (on hold, completed, in work and so on)


A possibility to drill deeper into the projects or reported tickets I projects like in Company Dashboard > User Stats.


MSP Manager

Sales/Project/Service call Pipline and visual board

I would like to have a visual aspect for all open tickets. This would specifically be for new Leads that call in for a Break-fix service call, project work, network analysis, or IT consultations. This is a sales funnel for new business leads or contract clients that express interest in additional solutions. The help desk view is great but I would like a visual aspect as we move "New Business" companies/Contacts from: ...more »