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Ability to use our own servers for security purpose

Hi guys,

As a user of MSP N-Central, we would like to use MSP Anywhere with on-premise servers for security, privacy and performance purposes. So no connection will be made to ncentral servers for this function.

A competitor is already doing this, Bomgar (https://www.bomgar.com/remote-support)

Thank you !


Solarwinds Take Control

Search Option for Proxy

On the Admin website Area under Management > MSP anywhere Proxy, it would be nice to have a search function in order to speed up the process of finding a specific Proxy.


Unlike the agent the proxy name needs to be deleted when reinstalling the proxy, thus with a huge number of proxy's makes it time consuming to find the right one to delete.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

WebProtect Learn Mode

Some clients use industry specific software for example automotive clients use Mitchel Shop management software. We don't have a list of sites that need to be unblocked. I think it would be helpful to have a mode that we enable for web protect that watches what we are going to do and adds those sites to the white list, when done we stop the "Learn Mode" This specific client wants all non-work related web traffic ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Set proxy settings pre-logon in Windows Agent

On a Mac Agent you are able to set the proxy settings before logging on to the agent locally.


This means that, on a Windows device, if you haven't set the proxy settings when installing the agent, you need to edit the settings.ini file to add the proxy details as you may not be able to log on to the agent.


On an OSX device you only need to start the agent to add the proxy details


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Concentrator more useful

Why can't the concentrators be more useful such as caching installs for Web Protection, Antivirus or patching agents. All these modules of Max consume to much bandwidth if you trying to install patch management or any modules to a new site having every computer call out to the internet and download the software does not make sense. If the concentrators could do the same thing as it does with patching it would be more ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Proxy changes logging into client

If a client is using a proxy server to route out of the private LAN, and the proxy server is urnned off, then you cannot access the agent to change the settings and then need to edit the settings.ini file to revert. If this was multiple serers on a single site, or even multiple servers on multiple sites (either an enterprise proxy or a federation of education sites e.g. Bristol City Council) then this becomes edious ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Proxy-settings for the MOB

It is impossible to use the Managed Online Backup (MOB) with an active proxy. When activating the MOB from the dashboard, in installs correctly, but it is impossible to edit the settings in the Backup Manager. It will download the 'mobcontrol.bm' but when opening this file with the Backup Manager, it will give an connection error. This is due to the basic setting of the MOB, being without proxy settings. It is possible ...more »