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Quarantine Management Restore & Add exclusion

Under Configuration-Security Manager->Quarantine Management you have the list of files quarantined and you can choose to delete or restore the files.


It would be very helpful if you could "restore and add to exclusion" in one shot. A pop-up comes up and provides the option to add it to process, file or folder, or network path etc.


Mail Assure

Outgoing Spam Quarantine

In the incoming section there is a button to click to check the inbound quarantine. There should be a similar option in the outgoing section so that non-techie users don't have to put together a query and apply it. As an added benefit, it would also automatically be limited to the 30 days so that the message could still be available to release and train, and not display old messages that are no longer in quarantine


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Mail Assure

Notifications sections for more granular control

It would be nice to have a "notifications" section of the MailAssure UI, where all notifications are grouped together. As part of this, being able to control specific notifications (such as a quarantine report) and specify which emails the reports and notifications are going to there (if we want notifications to go to a different email address than the user's email) for finer control over what notifications are sent.


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Mail Assure

API calls history Username is "internal" for report actions

Users carry out actions by clicking in their quarantine reports (for example they click on "Release and Train" for a particular email). When looking in API calls history on the Mail Assure console, the username listed is "Internal" and the Client IP is blank. It would be much better if the username reflected the quarantine report that did the action (e.g. quarantine report for user@company.com means that Username = ...more »


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Mail Assure

Allow change in handling for "phishing" emails

At the moment, any email filtered as phishing is rejected, and no notification is sent to the recipient. One of our clients did not receive important emails from a customer because they were incorrectly flagged as phishing and rejected out of hand, with no warning to the client. Please add an option to quarantine phishing emails (instead of outright rejecting) so the recipient can be notified in their digest. At the ...more »


MSP N-central

Better Security on Web Interface

It appears that there is no way to separate (different IP Address or Port) "Agent Data" from "WebGUI Management". Because of the high risk a compromised N-Central server poses to all of us and our clients there should be a simple way to isolate the WebGUI Management interface while maintaining the ability to collect Agent data across the Internet.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More MAV Bitdefender quarantine options

Some other options on the Bitdefender quarantine tab would be helpful. 1. I'd like to see an option to release from quarantine without adding a whitelist entry. In practice, Bitdefender seems to suffer from false positives pretty often. I would like to trigger a definition update, then release the quarantined files (without whitelisting) to see if the newer definitions will fix the problem. The policy whitelists get ...more »