MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@agrippa)

View the queued remote commands to be send to devices

We send remote commands, but cannot see if and when they are deployed. So sometimes, when you do not see the change happen after the send command (because devices can also be offline) you would like to see if a command is still queued and perhaps even cancel a queued command at a given moment.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@elemist)

Utilize Queues

Would be great to see some further development around the queue function. Specifically 1) Ability to route incoming tickets to a particular queue based off a) Source - IE RMM tickets assigned to "RMM Queue" b) Mailbox - IE if email comes to sales mailbox, then go to "Sales queue", or support mailbox then go to "Support queue" 2) Ability to bulk assign tickets to a queue 3) Set SLA's based on queue the tickets ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@tpainter)

Ticket Routing - Assign Customers to a Queue

The ability to assign a customer to a queue would be nice. MSP Manager should send the queue resources a notification that a ticket has been placed in their respective queue. Currently AutoTask has the functionality and we utilize a territory field. Each customer is assigned a territory and then the workflow rule is setup to route customer with x territory to the x queue and the customers with the y territory to the ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

Queuing scheduled tasks

In Kaseya if we pushed out a procedure (read scheduled task) to a bunch of machines we could tell it to queue the machines over a time frame (say 4 hours) so that you didn't have 50 machines all trying to access the same file share at the same time with the same credentials. Currently when we try to run any scheduled tasks that require copying a file from a customer's file share we have to set up several small groups ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@micronet)

Queue Rule Action needed to Assign Customer based on email addr.

When setting up queues, it would be most helpful if we could assign customer to unknown email addresses based on the specific Queue. For example, i create a queue for certain customer and only that customer. I have techs assigned to some customers but not all. I want all incoming emails to this queue to create tickets assigned to the customer of my choice using the rules. This way techs can be restricted and see the ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@obyone89)

ServiceDesk - Ability to customize "helper text" for tickets.

We need the ability to change some of the default “helper text / tool tip text” for tickets. For example, in the customer portal, when a customer goes into the "submit ticket" section. For the Description text box is just says "describe the problem." This needs to be customizable by us partners. I'd like mine to say "Please describe the issue and what troubleshooting steps you have already taken." For different ...more »