MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

New Ticket requests ticket queue drop down issue

When configuring a Staff Agent to have access to specific Ticket Queues they can only see those queues. However, when Staff Agent goes to create a NEW ticket they can see ALL Ticket Queues from the drop down meaning the Staff Agent can assign the ticket to a Queue they do not have access to.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@swampfox)

Allow Setting Ticket Back to Unassigned

There should be a way to unassign a ticket and have it go back to the unassigned queue. If you try to remove yourself as the assigned user and set the ticket back to new, it currently sets the ticket status back to In Progress. There are certain instances where this might be needed. I agree a hot hand-off would be the best but I actually use my unassigned queue for Internal tickets since there is not one specific for ...more »