MSP Manager

Make MSP Manager Compatible With Sage

I work for a company that utilizes MSP Manager, however we cannot fully integrate with MSP Manager because the financial aspect cannot communicate with Sage. This idea request is to build an integration tool that allows MSP Manager to communicate with Sage, this will help multiple company infrastructures to streamline as they will be able, like us, to more easily manage clients, tickets, and billing in one place.

MSP Manager

Link Quickbooks Products & Services to Service Plan

Its great that there are "default mappings" for quickbooks online but we would love to see the ability to "override" the default on a service plan. For example, our default service mapping for "flat fee service" is "Managed Services" That works for most of our items but we also do Office 365 subscriptions and would love to set those service plans under "Email Services" so they are classified differently in our Quickbooks ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Modify contract service items to be non-taxable/taxable

Currently all service items are considered "Cost Items" when being invoiced to Quickbooks. This means that they are modified by the "Apply sales tax to cost items" within Quickbooks integration settings. However, not all service items which are part of a contract are designed to be taxed to the billed client whereas cost items added to a ticket would be. The resolution for this would be to set a separate category for ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Contracts at service items in Service desk

For 10 months i thought i was crazy and just could not get contracts to come over as service items in Quikbooks. I am now told that contract items come over as cost items. First, i am not sure why we can't choose but secondly nobody has brought this up that service items are coming over as taxable. I am told we have to manually change them to non taxable each month. That is a lot of contracts to change manually. ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Flag Invoices to be emailed in Quickbooks when transfered

It is becoming more difficult to keep track of invoices when they are transferred to quickbooks for the service desk. My staff is having to keep manual notes on which invoice is transferred so they don't get missed when sending them to clients. It only makes sense to flag these to either print or email later in quickbooks when transferring the data.