MSP Manager

Automatic rate changes

Here's my scenario. We offer Remote Sessions with our clients but their is a $45 fee regardless if the session lasts 2 minutes or 20. After 30 minutes of the remote session our rate drops to $22.50 an hour. So first 30 minutes is $45, anything else after that is $22.50 an hour. The feature I'm requesting would allow this to be possible without having to manually enter the calculated bill for the ticket through a new Service ...more »


MSP Manager

Show billable amount

It is fine having the amount time on a ticket shown on the ticket list, ticket header and against individual time entries but nowhere can you see the billable amount £pp / $cc. Sometimes I forget to change the rate. Once you have saved the time entry you have no easy way of checking the rate as it is not shown in the time entries unless you edit them. Having the amount in £pp as well as time on each line, in the header ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Hourly Rate, entry minimum

It should be posible to set a time minimum when entering a case entry for a customer using "Hourly Rate"

Fx. working with a ticket in 5 min.

Hourly rate for the customer = 800

Time minimum for an entry (even used time is 5 min.) will automatik be set to => 15 minutes = 200

If working 25 min. price should be 200 as well.

The minimum should apply to time entry below 15 min.


MSP Service Desk

Uncheck the billable hours box when contract hours are > 0

Currently when a client has a support contract in place we have to manually uncheck the Billable box (Under Add time entry). This should be unchecked by default as long as hours are available to be applied to the contract. This is causing frustration as the billing folks are sending out invoices for customers who are well under there agreement. Please fix in a minor release asap