MSP Manager

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

Recover Deleted Tickets

There needs to be an option to restore/recover deleted tickets. There are too many ways to delete a ticket, and no way to recover them. I'd be happy with even a 1-hour recovery window. Some web applications start a little countdown at the top of the page, giving you like 5 seconds to recover something you just deleted. Even that would be more acceptable.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@mstein)

MSP RMM B&R Custom Field in Recovery Console

Having a custom field in the Recovery Console to populate manually would be a major help, especially for the RMM Version, as it is basically impossible to distinguish devices by their B&R account name.

This way we could easily add a comment when adding a device to the Recovery Console, to which partner this device belongs to.

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

Support for recovery to smaller target disks

In some cases, an MSP may seize an opportunity to upgrade a client's hardware when completing a Bare Metal Recovery using SolarWinds Backup. In an example scenario, they may upgrade a client to a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) from a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Typically, SSDs come in smaller sizes than HDDs; this presents an issue when conducting a Bare Metal Recovery, as the existing requirement is that the target disk size ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@efarraj)

Monitoring Service for Solarwinds Backups Recovery Console

I asked support about a way to monitoring the status of a restore done through Recovery Console and they deemed it "impossible" at this time. Apparently, the logs are only stored in the cloud and not locally removing the same functionality that Backup Manager has to be able to be monitored through N-Central. Create a way to monitor restores via Recovery Console so we can actively monitor the restores without having to ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@bwinters)

Bitlocker Keys, and usage

Many Enterprises rely on Bitlocker to encrypt PC's data to secure sensitive company information. Have Bitlocker drive encryption status displayed next to the drive partition in Asset>hardware. If Bitlocker is enabled then display the bitlocker recovery key. Have the ability to set a company wide bitlocker policy to enable/disable encryption. Have the ability to enable Bitlocker from somewhere like Settings>Bitlocker. ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@bag3ls)

Converting an existing restore point into an archive

With the 'backup & recovery' feature currently you can pre-configure archiving to take place on a schedule. You can however not convert an existing restore point into an archive. This might be helpful in situations where you've not had archiving enabled or a particular event has occurred unexpectedly and a archive from the point in time is necessary. I'd imagine implementing it something along the lines of accessing ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)

Local Speed Vault - Error Notification

Unfortunately status of Local Speed Vault can only be checked on the device itself, visibility of synchronization is not visible from remote management therefore it is also not possible to generate alerts if there are problems with Local Speed Vault.

It would be great if there was an option to get a notification in the dashboard or via email in the future.


Thank you for your consideration

MSP Backup & Recovery

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Dual SpeedVault locations

Would like to be able to specifiy more that one SpeedVault location. Onsite SpeedVault is great for quick recovery of indiviual files or servers, however in the event of a disaster and using VDR in another location, restore times can be very long. If we could specifiy a second SpeedVault location at a disaster recovery site connected via site to site VPN, this could significantly reduce disaster recover times.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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DSC - Symantec System Recovery 2013

Symantec have recently released System Recovery 2013 and it would be nice to have a DSC check for this new product. We will start to move some of our clients to this version as it resolves a few random errors that System Recovery 2010/2011 generate and it would be nice to have the correct check showing. Support have indicated this maybe quite easy to add as the registry and event logging is quite similar between products. ...more »


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