MSP Backup & Recovery

Custom Collumn in Recovery Console

Currently the way Backup Accounts are automatically named in RMM Backup & Recovery, it is tedious to figure out which registered account is assigned to which device in the dashboard.

If there is no direct sync of device names to backup account names, a possible workaound would be a user defined field, which we could manually populate with information, such as Client / Site and Device Name.


MSP Backup & Recovery

Manage Recovery Console Restore times

We would like to see an option to select when a restore runs, instead of manually setting it.

Right now you can only do one time restores which you have to manually start,

or continuous restores which run all the time.


With something like the clienttool but for the recovery console you could run

scripts that add or remove devices or start restores and the like.


MSP Backup & Recovery

Recovery Console version differentiation

We have a lot of clients using both the standalone backup product and the RM based backup solution. Both of these use the Recovery Console but wildly different versions. We would like some continuity between the version to be able to differentiate at a glance what recovery console version is being used. Perhaps them to be branded differently so that the control panel version can show the specific version used (Either ...more »