MSP N-central

Ability to set Defaults for (non default) Remote Control types

On Remote Control types that are not setup as the default type for a device class we still need to be able to setup default settings. How we would like this to work 1. we would be able to setup remote control defaults regardless of device type 2. we would be able to set this at SO level, but also make custom changes at the customer or site level (similar to other categories within the Administration\Defaults menu) 3. ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Notify user when remote session is closed

At this time, in MSP Anywhere or MSP Connect, there is not a feature that notifies the remote user that the technician has disconnected from the computer, although there is feature that do the opposite . The users complaint that they dont have a notification that we disconnected from their computer once we close the session. Suggest to add a feature so users are notified at the end of the session that we have disconnected ...more »

Submitted by (@cavramoussis)

MSP N-central

Limit simultaneous remote control sessions

I would like an option to globally, or per customer restrict the number of concurrent remote control / remote management sessions. For customers with certain compliance requirements, we need to ensure we can account for every remote control session and change made on a per-tech basis. Maintaining a unique set of credentials for every device in every customer environment for each of our Technicians is not easy. If we ...more »

Submitted by (@brollins)

MSP N-central

Remote desktop session timeout

There should be option to edit remote desktop session timeout value. When n-central users connect to devices, connection stay open even after initial RDP session window is closed.. In many cases only way to close remote control session is to push the red button to disconnect. This kind of behaviour can be also seen from audit trail.

Submitted by (@eeroviitanen)

MSP N-central

Unattended remote access report.

We would like to be able to report on devices based on their remote control method, and whether unattended access is configured. A "who changed this" would be great as well.


This would be useful to determine compliance in situations that require this information, and to easily let our clients know when they ask for this information.

Submitted by (@mwessler)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Support Viewer

When is MSPAnywhere based remote support viewer going to be implemented to replace the antiquated and unreliable VNC based one? The existing VNC based one isn't even supported any more.


This could be an invaluable tool to onboard new agents and to be able to offer support to client pcs (without agents - like their home computers) for attended remote support.

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MSP N-central

Improvements for MSP Connect

Show a pop-up window confirming the tech has disconnected from the session. We often stay connected accidentally or the client wants to be sure we are disconnected. We usually close the blue pop-up window showing that "So and So has Connected" remotely, but we also need a confirmation saying when we've DISconnected. Allow the End User to disconnect if desired. All other remote tools have this functionality. Also ...more »

Submitted by (@cyberdocsebastian)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

New Shell for Remote Background Feature

Starting with Windows Build Build 1497, Powershell is to replace the command prompt as the default shell and signalling the end is near for the command shell sub-system. Please change the shell to Powershell in the Remote Background feature before it becomes unavailable/unusable (or give us the option choose the shell via a policy). ...more »

Submitted by (@alanhelbush)