MSP N-central

Report & Dashboard for missing patch/update >2 weeks

Dear N-central Team, I've had a ticket open for almost a week on which should be a 101 feature of N-central / Report Manager Server: Being able to report, and have a dashboard on all missing patches that are older than 2 weeks. And also to be able to report and have a dashboard on the Server Pack / Feature Pack / Build version across all Servers and workstations across all customers, and also per customer. And this ...more »

Submitted by (@steadders)

MSP N-central

Report Manager - Executive Summary Report

Specifically within the anti-virus section, I would like a parameter which let's me define the device class(es) to include. The problem I run into with this report is that I want to display results of Workstation / Laptop devices separately from Servers. The reason for this is that very often servers (think file servers especially) have significantly more threat detection's than an average desktop device. This means ...more »

Submitted by (@bnunziato)

MSP N-central

Sorting in reports - service metrics

I use the Service Metrics reports a lot lately to find unused network cables. I request from one or more switches the report of the service interface health / Operational Status The weboutput isn't complete sometimes. the CSV output isn't usable, no decent overview. But the PDF output is quite good. The only thing for me, it isn't sorted on instance name. Can there be a possibility (and not only with this report) that ...more »

Submitted by (@robbys)

MSP N-central

Ability to report on customer/rule associations

it would be extremely handy to be able to, at the very least, export the selected customers from the rules grant customer/site access tab, at the very most, have a report that will show me the associations between customers and rules, allowing me to pick which customers, or which rules I want to run the report against. In particular I need this for all of my patch management rules as we currently have to audit patch ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Unattended remote access report.

We would like to be able to report on devices based on their remote control method, and whether unattended access is configured. A "who changed this" would be great as well.


This would be useful to determine compliance in situations that require this information, and to easily let our clients know when they ask for this information.

Submitted by (@mwessler)

MSP N-central

Report on patches for devices using WSUS

I recently had an issue where a client's patch data is not available in report manager, and I opened a case. They told me it was due to the client's usage of WSUS.


Well, how are we going to sell them on the idea of patch management if we can't report on the shortcomings of WSUS?! It would be nice if the agent reported installed patches regardless of if the device is on patch management, or if WSUS is in use.

Submitted by (@paultm)

MSP N-central

Add Filters to Detail Asset Report

In Reports\Asset

Detailed Asset

on the configuration menu we only get the option to select from the list of devices....this is a real pain if a customer has hundreds of devices and I only want to run the report for their 10 servers, or if I only want to see their 100 workstations/laptops. We should be able to filter this list by either our normal filter drop down menu or at least by device classes

Submitted by (@wmorgan)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Report and Alert mode for all checks

At the moment (as far as I am aware) only performance monitoring check have this option where when the alert triggers it can go into either "report" mode (Yellow Triangle) or "alert" mode (Red X, puts server into "error" state). Report mode is incredibly useful as it allows us to monitor with checks without creating a ton of noise. It would be useful to have the choice for all checks so we can individually set checks ...more »

Submitted by (@brad.reeves)

MSP N-central

Report on service self-healing and what it's set to

I found out yesterday that it isn't possible to report on where self-healing has been set, which makes it hard to know where to update and reapply a service template. I can't be expected to rely on memory alone. Built-in report(s) that will show services per device with the self healing setting, and the service template which applied it (if applicable), and a cutdown one that shows just the services within service templates ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)