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Custom Report Building for N-Central

In Reference to my Ticket that I registered about a week ago: 00962060 - Apparently Building Custom Reports using Models in SQL Report Builder is no longer supported?(Contrary to the Documentation available on the Solarwinds community portal) Could a Feature be done in N-Central Report Manager to build custom reports using drag and drop functionality of ALL Data Sets? In some Cases we need combined data from Different ...more »

Submitted by (@felix.hinze)

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Sorting in reports - service metrics

I use the Service Metrics reports a lot lately to find unused network cables. I request from one or more switches the report of the service interface health / Operational Status The weboutput isn't complete sometimes. the CSV output isn't usable, no decent overview. But the PDF output is quite good. The only thing for me, it isn't sorted on instance name. Can there be a possibility (and not only with this report) that ...more »

Submitted by (@robbys)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Improve CSV exports

Hello, It seems the CSV export only export the current page that is displayed. So, if we have 6 pages we will need to manually go on each page and run the CSV export for 6 pages, 6 times. Is it possible to extend the CSV export to all pages to do a full export at once? We have seen this behaviour within the "Connected devices" tab related to Active Discovery but I'm pretty sure it's the same for other menus. Thank ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote background management reports



We already have the possibility to track the time spent in remote session using takecontrol, using the dedicated report.

Would it be possible to get the same kind of reports, for the remote background management?


It would be handy to know how many time is spent on devices, in order to justify the work that is done on devices regarding customers.


Thank you!

Submitted by (@hotline)

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Show installation status of superseded patches

I have noticed that if you approve a patch for install. Then the device discovers that this patch has been superseded, the original patch is removed from any patch reports and in the Patch Management, and it still gets installed. There is no way to track what has been installed when it has been superseded. So a step by step scenario would be: 1. Patch is detected i.e. Patch1 2. Set Approval to 'Approve for Install' ...more »

Submitted by (@johnnyva)


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Unattended remote access report.

We would like to be able to report on devices based on their remote control method, and whether unattended access is configured. A "who changed this" would be great as well.


This would be useful to determine compliance in situations that require this information, and to easily let our clients know when they ask for this information.

Submitted by (@mwessler)

MSP N-central

[Patch Management & Reporting] Patch auto-approval

Would like to see information added to the product by way of patch reporting that outlines what patches were approved by which auto-approval rules on each device.


It would be nice to see a column added to the Patch Approvals and Installations Report under patch details.


Would also like to be able to see patch details when running the report at the SO Level.

Submitted by (@nick.cote)

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Report on patches for devices using WSUS

I recently had an issue where a client's patch data is not available in report manager, and I opened a case. They told me it was due to the client's usage of WSUS.


Well, how are we going to sell them on the idea of patch management if we can't report on the shortcomings of WSUS?! It would be nice if the agent reported installed patches regardless of if the device is on patch management, or if WSUS is in use.

Submitted by (@paultm)