MSP Backup & Recovery

Reporting for Compliancy

I would like to see a way to pull historical report of device actions. from CMC we can currently open device history and see either last 28 days or all sessions. Specifically, for SOX reporting, we have to show all backup and restore activity for 90 days. currently, I have to open the all session history and scroll to the start date of last quarter, highlight all entries to end date of quarter, and copy and paste. this ...more »

Submitted by (@wayne.jondle)

MSP N-central

Sorting in reports - service metrics

I use the Service Metrics reports a lot lately to find unused network cables. I request from one or more switches the report of the service interface health / Operational Status The weboutput isn't complete sometimes. the CSV output isn't usable, no decent overview. But the PDF output is quite good. The only thing for me, it isn't sorted on instance name. Can there be a possibility (and not only with this report) that ...more »

Submitted by (@robbys)

MSP N-central

Show installation status of superseded patches

I have noticed that if you approve a patch for install. Then the device discovers that this patch has been superseded, the original patch is removed from any patch reports and in the Patch Management, and it still gets installed. There is no way to track what has been installed when it has been superseded. So a step by step scenario would be: 1. Patch is detected i.e. Patch1 2. Set Approval to 'Approve for Install' ...more »

Submitted by (@johnnyva)

MSP N-central

Ability to report on customer/rule associations

it would be extremely handy to be able to, at the very least, export the selected customers from the rules grant customer/site access tab, at the very most, have a report that will show me the associations between customers and rules, allowing me to pick which customers, or which rules I want to run the report against. In particular I need this for all of my patch management rules as we currently have to audit patch ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Patch Policy reporting

We have a patch policy for each day of the week that is applied to various customers. Say for example on a Monday we have 15 Customer sites that all patch over night on the "Monday Night Patch Policy". I want a report that is ran automatically at the end of the maintenance window that lists all of the devices that should have been patched, whether they patched on or not and which patches have installed or failed. This ...more »

Submitted by (@adambeckett)