MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Report for number of devices per client/site

Would like to see a report that shows the number of servers/workstations by Client/Site that can be downloaded to csv from SolarWinds RMM dashboard. Data is all over the place between Client Inventory Report in Asset Tracking and Device Inventory Report under Reports.


Thank you.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP Manager

A report for when user account changes are made

For compliance reasons, we keep a ongoing monthly export of all user account changes made by administrators in our systems. It's important to us to have the ability to look back and see what changes were made by an admin in the event of a disaster or unauthorized access event. Could this be a simple report to create?

Submitted by (@daniel.hathaway)

MSP N-central

Reports in N Central

We've had two customers ask if there is a report that they can run on all their workstations to show them the "Type", "Model Number" and "serial number" of the physical drives the workstation has installed. within N Central you can see this information if you click on the workstation then go to Asset-Hardware-Physical Drive but the N Central support guys told me it's not possible to create a report on this in report ...more »

Submitted by (@richard)

MSP N-central

Report Manager - Executive Summary Report

Specifically within the anti-virus section, I would like a parameter which let's me define the device class(es) to include. The problem I run into with this report is that I want to display results of Workstation / Laptop devices separately from Servers. The reason for this is that very often servers (think file servers especially) have significantly more threat detection's than an average desktop device. This means ...more »

Submitted by (@bnunziato)

MSP N-central

Export the results of scheduled tasks

I can't tell you how many times I've needed to somehow report on the results of an automated task. Currently the only way to do it is to run the task, go to Scheduled Tasks > Add/Delete > Status, and then manually copy and paste everything under that tab into excel. Besides being a pain in itself, there's 2 huge limitations: 1. The output only lists a few lines of information. If there's more output than allowed, you ...more »

Submitted by (@clayton.murphy)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

allow easy exportation of overdue/offline servers

-we have ~800 offline devices spanning 30+ pages. in order to export the list we have to select each page and paste them into excel.

-see screenshot.


please create a overdue/offline device report something similar to the device inventory report to allow us the easy ability to report on what servers are overdue/offline.

Submitted by (@adam.p)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Reporting for Compliancy

I would like to see a way to pull historical report of device actions. from CMC we can currently open device history and see either last 28 days or all sessions. Specifically, for SOX reporting, we have to show all backup and restore activity for 90 days. currently, I have to open the all session history and scroll to the start date of last quarter, highlight all entries to end date of quarter, and copy and paste. this ...more »

Submitted by (@wayne.jondle)

MSP N-central

Sorting in reports - service metrics

I use the Service Metrics reports a lot lately to find unused network cables. I request from one or more switches the report of the service interface health / Operational Status The weboutput isn't complete sometimes. the CSV output isn't usable, no decent overview. But the PDF output is quite good. The only thing for me, it isn't sorted on instance name. Can there be a possibility (and not only with this report) that ...more »

Submitted by (@robbys)