MSP Risk Intelligence

Executive Summary Report

I would like to see a report that is a high level overview of an "organization". Show the top 5 and bottom 5 "Data Breach Risk by Host" that site/client. Break down the overall percentages of vulnerabilities, by vendor, for the whole site. Give the overall stats for "Unprotected Data Scan Statistics" for the whole site. Include the total liability $ for the entire site/client/organization. Provide totals of the things ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

scan configuration in RI dashboard

The Scan configuration is necessary in the RI dashboard if we are to deal with false positives. I have encrypted files whose contents are showing as having credit card data when, in fact, it's just random data (encrypted) that happens to match the pattern. If I had a regular RI account, and not through the Max RMM, I would have access to Scan Configurations menu option to exclude files. This is a must for my clients ...more »