MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Redundancies to Restart the Agent

I would like more redundancies in place to restart the Advanced Monitoring Agent. I set the Advanced Monitoring Agent to restart if stopped via Windows Services and the regular check. Service does not restart client reports there are no dependencies for the service to restart and am forced to manually restart it. This seems to happen all the time, so I would like to have other redundancies in place to automatically ...more »

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MAC-MSP AV Reporting

It would be great to be able to pull a report for all devices at a client showing their scan dates like you can for windows machines in RMM. It would make it a lot easier to see the status of AV scans for clients with macs instead of individually going in and looking at each one's devices logs on the MAC-MSP Site.

Submitted by (@bgorrill)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Mainteance mode for single checks

It would be very helpful, if we can set the maintenance mode for special checks instead to the whole device.


If there is an issue on services for third party software, it would be helpful to set the service check to maintenance mode but leave the other checks in normal mode. so we could be alerted when the disk runs out of space or any script check runs into an alert

Submitted by (@pcchagels)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MSP Anywhere for RMM missing System Information Tab

MSP Anywhere, the standalone remote support tool has a system information tab which shows everything from installed software, CPU and RAM usage etc...for some reason on the RMM version (literally identical) its had the system information tab removed. crazy decision and someone should tick the box to put it on......feature request asap please.

Submitted by (@pgypps)

MSP Manager

RMM Integration - more PSA integration options


We use RMM and MSP Manager. There seems to be a lack of configuration for the integration to MSP Manager. I would like more options of what and how tickets get created. For example, we have our site and devices in RMM to monitor and test on our own Servers and Lab. I would like the option to exclude these from creating tickets in MSP Manager.



Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

How to speed up the RMM dashboard

I've been avoiding looking at a network profile of the RMM Dashboard, but stumbled on it tonight, and laughed to see why: Loading takes over _200_ separate HTTP requests, and _20MB_ of content download. I'm attaching screencast GIFs of this in both Chrome and Firefox Quantum (the new fastest browser). It stops when the page finishes rendering. No wonder first load is nearly 90 seconds. But it doesn't have to be this ...more »

Submitted by (@gulltop)

MSP Manager

RMM generated tickets notification options

When a new ticket gets created via an RMM outage it should be able to be handled separately from general ticket creation. These need to be assignable to specific users to get notifications. Currently there is no way to differentiate the ticket source and route the notifications differently. WE had to turn off all RMM ticket creation for now because, while we want to be notified of a client generated ticket, those users ...more »

Submitted by (@sobrien)

MSP Service Desk

SLA System Variables {sla_name} on Mail Templates

We can have and create different SLAs rules, to measure for example: "response time" and "conclusion time". So when I receive a SLA Alert/Breach email I want to know what is the related SLA without having to enter the system, please make available some SLA system variables in Mail Templates, like the existing ones {ctr_org} {subject} {id} {ctr_title} {ctr_used} {ctr_limit}. Today we lose control, we have to access ...more »

Submitted by (@paulosgsf)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add custoder ID field when creating new end customer in RMM

Currently when creating a new end customer in RMM under the general Tab information there is only the possibility to enter the Customer Name and select the time zone, it would be useful to have an additional field called Customer Number that can be used to match with their ERP Systems for billing purposes

Submitted by (@francesco)