MSP Manager

Submitted by (@elemist)

Utilize Queues

Would be great to see some further development around the queue function. Specifically 1) Ability to route incoming tickets to a particular queue based off a) Source - IE RMM tickets assigned to "RMM Queue" b) Mailbox - IE if email comes to sales mailbox, then go to "Sales queue", or support mailbox then go to "Support queue" 2) Ability to bulk assign tickets to a queue 3) Set SLA's based on queue the tickets ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

RMM Integration - more PSA integration options


We use RMM and MSP Manager. There seems to be a lack of configuration for the integration to MSP Manager. I would like more options of what and how tickets get created. For example, we have our site and devices in RMM to monitor and test on our own Servers and Lab. I would like the option to exclude these from creating tickets in MSP Manager.