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Add Features-style icons to Rules page

It would be really nice if the Rules page had a column similar to All Devices / Active Issues whose icons would light based on which tabs had active settings. For example: Funnel : Devices to Target Computer : Network Device Configuration Options Smartphone : Mobile Device Configuration Options Meshed Gears : Scheduled Task Profiles Magnifying Glass : Monitoring Options Calendar : Maintenance Windows People : Grant Customers ...more »

Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)

MSP N-central

Ability to report on customer/rule associations

it would be extremely handy to be able to, at the very least, export the selected customers from the rules grant customer/site access tab, at the very most, have a report that will show me the associations between customers and rules, allowing me to pick which customers, or which rules I want to run the report against. In particular I need this for all of my patch management rules as we currently have to audit patch ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Show Association Filters, Templates, Task Profiles, Rules

I want to be able to see what Rules, etc are dependent upon a given filter, template, etc.


ie, if I delete a filter, I see a prompt that I shouldn't do that if there are associated rules, but there's no way short of examining *every rule* to know what the associations are.

Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)

MSP Manager

Change Ticket Statuses Based On Rules

When we reply to an assigned ticket or start a timer on a ticket the status should change from Assigned to In-Progress. Likewise when we set the ticket on hold or pending customer reply and the customer replies it should be taken to a pending technician review status or something similar. We are still missing important messages since the system continues to e-mail us for the changes we put into the system, if we made ...more »

Submitted by (@swampfox)

MSP N-central

Custom Fields at Company and Site

Custom fields at the Customer and Site levels that are accessible via the rules would provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to service templates or notifications. For example: If I want to roll out Security Manager to a customer, but I need to do it on a site by site basis, it would be very easy to have a custom field that indicates that a site should have Security Manager. Then I can create a filter and eventually ...more »

Submitted by (@cwidhelm)

MSP N-central

Control Custom Device Properties Via Rules

It would be great if I could use Rules to edit Custom Device Properties. Example if you have customers with different Monitoring Packages then via a rule you could say to change the CDP for "SLA" to Enhanced for Customers A, C and F. Then you could have another Rule to change the CDP for "SLA" to Foundation for Customers B, E and G. I use CDP's with filters to apply out the the correct Service Template's for each Customer ...more »

Submitted by (@aiden.galvin)


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MSP N-central

Take Ownership of Filters/Rules

It's annoying to have to clone a filter etc to be able to make an adjustment, and then set the rule to use that new filter.

Let alone having to login as productadmin to delete any filters.

There is also a possible issue with filters/rules/etc for a user being deleted dissapearing. It would be nice if you could transfer ownership beforehand to ensure this never happens.

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Service Desk

Create Multiple SLA Levels - Set SLA Level per Customer/Contract

We sell different plans for customers, some need 8x5x6 and others 24x7x4. Service Desk treat both as equals, and that leads to bad SLA warning and breachs, hard to choose right priority. I think its a must to be able to create multiple SLA Levels and set the right SLA for Customer and/or Contract. Rules should consider SLA Levels too..

Submitted by (@paulosgsf)

MSP Service Desk

Queue Rule Action needed to Assign Customer based on email addr.

When setting up queues, it would be most helpful if we could assign customer to unknown email addresses based on the specific Queue. For example, i create a queue for certain customer and only that customer. I have techs assigned to some customers but not all. I want all incoming emails to this queue to create tickets assigned to the customer of my choice using the rules. This way techs can be restricted and see the ...more »

Submitted by (@micronet)

MSP Service Desk

Increase Number of Conditions Available in Ticket Rules

We are new to Service Desk and really missing some of the simple automation we've enjoyed previously regarding ticket management, and it appears to be down to a lack of functionality regarding Conditions. The most important need is a simple requirement: Apply on Update Condition: When the reporting user's email: IS EXTERNAL (IE not a member of staff) Action: Set the ticket sub-status to: Customer Note Added Ironically ...more »

Submitted by (@rupert)

MSP Service Desk

More robust rule sets

Need more configuration abilities regarding Rules in the ServiceDesk.


Control is very limited and it would be great if there was more logic to the rules. Including but not limited to:

1. OR Logic on a ruleset

2. Duplicate any given rule

3. Sort rules by title

4. Send Users an email

5. Be able to differentiate between a workstation, server or other device

Submitted by (@softsolutionsca)