MSP N-central

Schedule uninstall AV Defender maintenance window

We lost a client to another IT company and they want us to remove AV Defender at 12:00am.

Instead of me having to create the AV Defender uninstall rule or bulk removal of AVD ( at midnight, I propose we have an uninstall maintenance window so that we can schedule the uninstall.


MSP N-central

Patch Rules to run based off nCentral Time, not targeted Server

Currently N-Central runs patch management tasks based off the target servers timezone. I'd like to see the ability for us to choose whether to use targeted server timezone or the N-Central time to run tasks. Example - i have approval to take down Server1 and Server2 at 6PM PST; however, Server1 has time set to EST timezone and Server2 has timezone set to GMT timezone. So if i were to set a schedule in N-Central for ...more »


MSP N-central

Patch Deployment Schedule - Additional flexibility or logic

Microsoft Updates are released on Patch Tuesday (2nd Tuesday of the Month), you currently have ability to schedule and target that specific date; however, would like ability to schedule additional patch windows based off that Tuesday. Example - You schedule Group 1 to deploy updates on 2nd Tuesday of the month, Group 2 should deploy updates on the Thursday AFTER patch Tuesday. Currently there is no way to schedule this. ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Option to execute before/after scripts once for >1 datasources

Scripts configured for execution before oder after backup are executed before backing up every single datasource configured in that time plan/schedule. There should be an option to execute the scripts only once befor starting the backup for the first datasource and after finishing the last of the configured datasources. To achieve that behaviour is not possible right now. Sure: If a script is only needed to be executed ...more »


MSP N-central

Agent Asset Scan

Along with the scheduled scan time that is in Device Details\Settings\Local Agent, please set it up so that Windows Agent perform an asset scan on service start up so that if a machine is offline normally at the time of the scheduled scan time it will still get updated in our system. It can be pretty common for workstations/laptops to be brought online just for our onboarding when normally they might be online during ...more »


MSP N-central

Service Schedule - On Startup/Asset Update

I've got services that I don't particularly want to re-check every x minutes. with every y hours I run the risk of the device being offline when the time comes.

If we could have the service schedule set to run on agent startup, daily asset update then this would greatly reduce the frequency of checks and data storage, whilst being as up to date as we require.