MSP N-central

Split Notification recipients on Success / Failure / Expired

I would like to see the Notifications tab reworked throughout the NC server. Right now, you can only notify on success or failure, and you can only select a single group of recipients to be notified in all instances. What I want instead is to have a section each for Success, Failure, and Expired with the ability to [x] Sent task output file and select recipients distinctly for each section. Use case is to receive a ...more »


MSP N-central

Auto close tickets sent to PSA via Sheduled Tasks

We have Scheduled tasks setup under certain rules for clients, ie, install Anitvirus, DNS filtering, system maintenance, etc, that we send over to the proper board in the PSA for proactive time keeping purposes. We would like to auto close successfully run tickets with a time attached to them for reports so it doesn't effect our SLA.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Windows Task Scheduler event log monitoring

We need to be able to monitor the disposition of Windows Scheduled Tasks. This means being able to check the event logs. While we have event log checking, it is not comprehensive. e.g.: I cannot check the Applications and Services>Microsoft>Windows>TaskScheduler>Operational> event log to see that my backup got terminated due to a switch to battery power during the backup. It is necessary to either selectively add this ...more »


MSP N-central

Accept Booleans as Check Boxes for Automation Policies

It would be nice to be able to use booleans in an automation policy with the added effect of allowing certain input parameters to only show when certain boxes are checked. This would allow for more complex and user friendly Automation Policies without the need to give the user to many options when they are running specific Automation Policies. To give a small example, I have a disk cleanup script that has multiple sections ...more »


MSP N-central

Export the results of scheduled tasks

I can't tell you how many times I've needed to somehow report on the results of an automated task. Currently the only way to do it is to run the task, go to Scheduled Tasks > Add/Delete > Status, and then manually copy and paste everything under that tab into excel. Besides being a pain in itself, there's 2 huge limitations: 1. The output only lists a few lines of information. If there's more output than allowed, you ...more »