MSP N-central

Search by Asset Information in "All Devices"

Currently there is no way to search for information like Serial Number or Asset Tag in the "All Devices" screen. Currently the only way to perform this kind of search is to start creating a filter and sort by "Hardware > System Serial Number > Contains". This is obviously not ideal and for the few techs that need to search by serial number it can be confusing after not doing it for so long. Would it be feasible to add ...more »

Submitted by (@psaeryn)


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MSP N-central

Search items in menu bar

The left hand menu bar has many different items, options, dashboards, etc. It would be nice to have a search bar at the top of it all which would show you different menu items as you start typing it. For instance, if you started typing the word "patch" it would bring up Patch Management without you having to go through and find the option manually. WHM from cPanel does this very well.

Submitted by (@paul.brunet)

MSP N-central

Scheduled Tasks - Filter on Columns, Search on Contents

This one has been an obvious problem for years, but I'll resubmit ot in the new system anyway. N-Central simply can't scale up with large amounts of schedueld tasks running in one job. This is because the outputs aren't in any ideal sorted order (and can't be changed), you can't filter on the columns to reduce the amount of tasks, or search against the task output content to find the task outputs you are looking for. ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)


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MSP N-central

Clear company search field when clicking into the field

When I log into N-Central, I enter at the SO level with our company name in the orange box at the upper left of the screen. I frequently search for a specific company by clicking in that box, and typing the company name that I would like to enter, rather than scrolling through the entire list of companies. Currently, I have to triple-click in the field to select all text in the box (the SO name, or currently selected ...more »

Submitted by (@jackbelcher)

MSP N-central

Script/AMP Search - Full Title,description; Add support for tags

It's been extremely annoying that searching in the script repository works on full title, but when adding a scheduled task or through direct support, the search is only for "begins with"; ie the only way ot find what script/amp you want to run is to already know the titles of them all and what they do. if the search worked on the full title and description (and with support for tags like AMP objects), this would make ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Manager

More robust filtering for Helpdesk Ticket Lists

Be able to include/exclude customers from the main entry and be able to search with different options such as text, e-mail address, ticket number, ticket number range, status, priority, due date, assigned to, etc this would help if we are focusing on a particular customer or wish to exclude them from the current list displayed and be able to better prioritize our workload a bit. Subsequently allow the search queries to ...more »

Submitted by (@swampfox)

MSP N-central

Ability to search/filter by Job name in Job Status page

just what the title says, we can have hundreds of jobs setup, even under one job type category, for instance right now at the SO level, with filter XTT - Push SEP Live Update and Job Type Automation Policy, I have 6,481 jobs displayed. I'd like to be able to find /look at just the jobs named "XTT - Reoccurring SEP Live Update"

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Schedule Task Merge AMP/Script selection; allow full text search

Currently someone would need to know the exact name of the task, and whether it was a script or amp in order to schedule it, which severely limits the use of Automation. Just like everyone else, our technicians can't be expected to memorize the name and function of every task in order to use the product. If the task selection functioned like the repository already does, then they could type in any character in the name ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Service Desk

Improve Search

PLEASE VOTE! Please improve the search feature in Service Desk. Search results should be a columns that can be sorted and filtered. Search results must include response and internal responses. Also include cc email addresses. Also be able to export results Can you setup a design forum/workshop for MSPs to have a more engaged relationship to improve this product? Ideascale doesn't seem to be actively used by enough ...more »

Submitted by (@drillsergeant46)