Mail Assure

Have Secure Email Delivery

When sending an email a number of departments such as HR and Finance at times require the use of an encrypted email delivery. When applied the email sent using this function would be secured and an message sent to the recipient stating "you have a secure email please do .... (whatever the steps)... to retrieve your message." Office 365 and other mail security applications have this as a built in function, but with Office365 ...more »

Submitted by (@dschlief)

Mail Assure

TLS Settings available within the Dashboard

In the MSP Mail platform, users were allowed to specify enforcing TLS, enforcing TLS if possible, and not requiring it. These options are not available within the Mail Assure Platform. It would be nice to see these options within the Mail Assure platform and grant control over how certain domains process emails and handle TLS directly. Opportunistic on all the time is nice, but in certain scenario's, namely where a ...more »

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MSP Anywhere

Ability to use our own servers for security purpose

Hi guys,

As a user of MSP N-Central, we would like to use MSP Anywhere with on-premise servers for security, privacy and performance purposes. So no connection will be made to ncentral servers for this function.

A competitor is already doing this, Bomgar (

Thank you !

Submitted by (@srobert)

MSP N-central

Password Proxy Services

Would like to add password proxy services.As an admin/operator I would like to put access passwords to devices like switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices. Must connect with services like SSH, Telnet, RDP, Web, etc... Then have the Agent/Representative just click to connet without putting a password in. This will help maintain the security and password integrety of devices that are typically not changed often ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)

MSP N-central

Enable/Fix 2 Factor support for product admin

The fact that enabling 2 factor support for the product admin disables the ability to login to the port 10000/admin page is a huge security problem. Second to that the fact that having two factor enabled locks out the product admin when the password expires and needs changing is a major problem as well. We shouldn't have to resort to either turning off 2 factor or contacting support to unlock our accounts everytime ...more »

Submitted by (@solphonic)

MSP N-central

Better Security on Web Interface

It appears that there is no way to separate (different IP Address or Port) "Agent Data" from "WebGUI Management". Because of the high risk a compromised N-Central server poses to all of us and our clients there should be a simple way to isolate the WebGUI Management interface while maintaining the ability to collect Agent data across the Internet.

Submitted by (@joseph.grzybowski)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Security Design Bug - Location based Security

RMM has a forced location-based security that leads to long delays in the ability for those of us that use RMM while at clients to deliver timely service. When you login at a new IP address, it apparently triggers this state, delaying your login until you click on a link in an email. However, I've needed to wait 5-10 minutes for this email before, delaying my ability to service my clients in a timely fashion. What adds ...more »

Submitted by (@jthompson)