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Service Desk: Improve customer feedback feature

For Service Desk ticketing product, customer has option to leave feedback when they receive a ticket update. Improve feature as follows:


1. Allow customer option to select if they want feedback to be anonymous, or not (presently it defaults to anonymous w/o option).

2. Allow admin to configure email notification for feedback, i.e. auto email to tech and/or tech's manager, etc.

MSP Service Desk

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Auto-Assign Custom Fields

We get these "New Hire" notifications from our HR department. This is automated through their payment system. Here is an example of the body of the ticket: This is a new hire that requires IT needs. Please contact the General Manager for specific needs. Full Name: REDACTED Location: Loc-A109 Job Title: Cashier/Receptionist Start Date: 9/5/2017 I want to use the provided “Location” (In body of ticket) to change the "Location" ...more »