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Automatic rate changes

Here's my scenario. We offer Remote Sessions with our clients but their is a $45 fee regardless if the session lasts 2 minutes or 20. After 30 minutes of the remote session our rate drops to $22.50 an hour. So first 30 minutes is $45, anything else after that is $22.50 an hour. The feature I'm requesting would allow this to be possible without having to manually enter the calculated bill for the ticket through a new Service ...more »

MSP Manager

Ability to have different prices per term in service items

We want the ability to have different prices per term if we so choose. For example, we get discounts on annual purchases of office 365 business suite so right now I need to either break the link of the service item to choose the annual and then manually put the right price in or I need to create a separate product. When adding a service item to a customer, I should be able to choose the term freely and it should populate ...more »


MSP Manager

Contract Alerts

We need alerts on things like Service Utilization, hours against projects and things like that. If we have an hour retainer contract, we need assigned users alerted when the contract is getting close, so that we know not to go over or talk with the client and so on. The manual way that you have to do it now is unacceptable to keep everyone up to date with things.


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