MSP Manager

Submitted by (@fideas117)

Make MSP Manager Compatible With Sage

I work for a company that utilizes MSP Manager, however we cannot fully integrate with MSP Manager because the financial aspect cannot communicate with Sage. This idea request is to build an integration tool that allows MSP Manager to communicate with Sage, this will help multiple company infrastructures to streamline as they will be able, like us, to more easily manage clients, tickets, and billing in one place.

MSP Service Desk

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Service Desk: Improve customer feedback feature

For Service Desk ticketing product, customer has option to leave feedback when they receive a ticket update. Improve feature as follows:


1. Allow customer option to select if they want feedback to be anonymous, or not (presently it defaults to anonymous w/o option).

2. Allow admin to configure email notification for feedback, i.e. auto email to tech and/or tech's manager, etc.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

Auto-Correct Date/Time Entries

It's a bit time consuming to have to make sure that my date/time entries are *perfect* when enter them anywhere. For example, if I enter "3/13/2018 12 PM" it say's it's invalid. Or if I enter "3/13/2018 12:32PM" (missing a space), it says it's invalid. I also can't leave off the AM/PM, or else it's invalid. Most websites use just a little bit of JavaScript to parse a date/time entry to convert a "common sense" (so-to-speak) ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@rupert)

Increase Number of Conditions Available in Ticket Rules

We are new to Service Desk and really missing some of the simple automation we've enjoyed previously regarding ticket management, and it appears to be down to a lack of functionality regarding Conditions. The most important need is a simple requirement: Apply on Update Condition: When the reporting user's email: IS EXTERNAL (IE not a member of staff) Action: Set the ticket sub-status to: Customer Note Added Ironically ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@rrkramer)

New Ticket Updates

we have at any given time, 100+ tickets open in our company. Sometimes it is hard to find tickets that customers/ticket owners have responded to. Would be nice to be able to have tickets that customers have responded to show up at the top. I know that there is a red flag, but this is assuming that you cleared all red flags. What do other people think about this?

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@softsolutionsca)

More robust rule sets

Need more configuration abilities regarding Rules in the ServiceDesk.


Control is very limited and it would be great if there was more logic to the rules. Including but not limited to:

1. OR Logic on a ruleset

2. Duplicate any given rule

3. Sort rules by title

4. Send Users an email

5. Be able to differentiate between a workstation, server or other device

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@gman72)

ServiceDesk Mobile Time Entry

In the IOS Mobile app it would be much more effecient to be able to create a site visit or a ticket and add worked time at the same time. For example if I take a phone call that i am going to bill for i want to just add a ticket or site visit enter in the time i spent and save it and be done with it. Now i havce to fill out all the info then open up the site visit or ticket and then add the time to it. Even better would ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@djones)

Modify contract service items to be non-taxable/taxable

Currently all service items are considered "Cost Items" when being invoiced to Quickbooks. This means that they are modified by the "Apply sales tax to cost items" within Quickbooks integration settings. However, not all service items which are part of a contract are designed to be taxed to the billed client whereas cost items added to a ticket would be. The resolution for this would be to set a separate category for ...more »