MSP N-central

Filter by disabled services

For a while we allowed the ability to Manage services which then allows technician to among things Disable services. Now we sit in the situation that we want to have a report of all services which are currently Disabled, but the Filters in N-central does not allow this. When creating a filter we have: Monitoring | Has at least one service in status | Equal/Not Equal To ------- and then every variant (failed, warning...) ...more »


MSP N-central

Training Academy N-Central - Employee training

Looking to have the ability to train my employees with tracking of their usage. This could also be additional tailored to allowing end user access and reporting to help partners create additional revenue in training. While adding a deeper layer of service it will help partners keep in front of customers without the additional work involved. ConnectWise has some of this for partners, would like team training at least, ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

One screen to manage all services for a site

As SolarWinds adds more services to it's RMM product, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage these services for client sites. It would be great to be able to see all services enabled for a site on one screen and enable and configure them. For example, it would be nice if you could right-click on a site and choose edit services. Then be brought to a screen where I could easily see that the site has AV enabled, Web ...more »


MSP N-central

Hyperion API service status details



I would like to extract custom status details from a service status in combination with the Hyperion API. With the class DeviceGetStatus I cannot retrieve the data I would like.


In our use case I want to get the status detail why a service is failing or succeeding. Like what CloudBerry jobs are running or what the status is.






MSP N-central

Add Disabled status option in Active Issues filter

It would be useful to be able to filter services that are in a disabled state in the Active Issues page. This can currently be done already by unselecting all the status' in the filter and selecting the services you are interested in. However, the problem with this is that those services will show up with any status. So it would be good if you could add in a 'Disabled' status next to 'Failed', 'Warning', 'Normal', ...more »


MSP N-central

Assign custom or threshold templates to services

I would love to see the ability to display a list of services based on service or name and apply a custom threshold or threshold template to one or more without having to rely on the service-template that applies to a device and all services for that template. The example I'm thinking of; A Client wants custom thresholds for Server Disk Space Utilization(%) based on the size of the disk. <= 500GB | 90% for failed 501GB ...more »


MSP N-central

Need to creat new threshold for MSP Backup Product Status

If a Partner does not use N-Central / Agent for MSP Backup deployment and uses monitor service MSP Backup Product Status they will get a warning for Threshold - Installation Status of Installed Product is not managed This threshold should only be a true or false for the installation of the MSP Backup. There should be another threshold strictly for Installed Product is not managed At this time the only work around is ...more »


MSP N-central

Chose specific services to put into downtime maintenance window

I know we can just toggle the monitoring of specific services to off, but we'd like the ability to have them automatically turn back on after a set amount of time - similar to downtime maintenance windows at the device level. This will help us keep from getting spammed by services that continue to bounce between normal/failed/misconfigured/whatever while they are being worked on BUT without the risk of someone disabling ...more »


MSP N-central

Whitelist Processes for CPU Usage

Sometimes we have CPU usage that's out of control, and sometimes we have CPU Usage that's at 100% for long periods due to known and acceptable conditions. The CPU status service already reports on top 4 processes. Why not let us dictate that the service is only failed if a particular threshold is breached, and a particular service is not in the list and using more than a certain % of CPU? Scenario: CPU goes to 100% ...more »


MSP N-central

StatusIcon hoverover prioritize failed metrics/customizable list

In N-Central 11.1 the Feature to Show Service Metrics when hovering over a status icon was added. For Services with a huge number of Metrics the displayed list is cut off and not all services are shown. When those cutoff metrics result in a failing of the Service those are still not shown when hovering over the icon. This diminishes the usefulness of the hover-over feature. So Failed and Warning state Metrics should ...more »


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