Mail Assure

Filter Unsure Email - Possible SPAM

Add the ability to have the filter catch "unsure" or possible spam. I have end users complaining the that Mail Assure is dumping more of this into their mailbox. One user upto 100 per day. There is also no way to manage any of this via outlook. The Scout Reports lack context for how a user is suppose to release or whitelist any of this caught by the filter. The web portal for an end user (scratch that) ANY user is horrible ...more »

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Mail Assure

From Address in Protection Report/ Log Search

At the moment the "from"/"Sender" address that is shown in the log search and the protection report is the True from address and not the simple on that you should see in outlook, this is causing some issues with finding emails and knowing which ones to release from the protection report. e.g. I get emails from auvik and in outlook it shows but if I try to find the auvik emails in the log search and ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GFI Max - Automated Mail Server Blacklist Check

It would be great to have a Daily Automated Mail Server Blacklist Check, something like that offered for free on


The check would verify that the Mail Servers (i.e. Microsoft Exchange) Public IP address is not listed on any of the 104 known blacklists, if it is listed then it could raise an alert on the Dashboard.

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