MSP N-central

Add another status for a failed check

The idea is to add another state for checks like "in progress". Our customer monitors a lot of printers and everytime a check fails and displays an error on the dashboard the customer would like to be able to mark this check as "in progress" so that every other stuff member knows that someone is already working on this issue. After finishing the work the stuff member would mark it as solved and the check continues as ...more »

Submitted by (@designator)

MSP Manager

Customer Status - more options



Currently you can only set a customer to active or non-active. When non-active they arent displayed as a customer to assign a ticket too.

We currently have a customer 'on-hold' due to lack of payment. I would like an option to put the customer ON-HOLD and then add a note to say why.

Doing this should also put ALL exiting and new tickets ON-HOLD automatically.

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP Manager

Ticket Status Updates from adding response, notes, time, etc

We are getting all of SLA breaches due to Technicians forgetting to update ticket status'. I think the problem is Techies are responding or working on a problem (so adding a response or timer) and theres no option to update the ticket status within the 'add' sections. You have to save then section and then edit the ticket its self to change the status. That ruins the workflow. What would also be good would be the status ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patches pending should show length of time

The tool tip on the Patches Pending dot in the North pane just says "pending". It would be much more useful if it showed how long they have been pending so that we can identify systems that are being turned off in the evening or for some other reason are not performing updates. The number of updates pending would also be nice.

Submitted by (@austin)

MSP N-central

Last Connected on the "All Devices" screen Status Ico

It is very disruptive to not know when the last connection was by a client device especially during mass updates. This will help Techs as well as managers, customers, etc... See my picture example below. These options must be able to turn on and off as a role option. I would like to see the whole line grayed out instead of changing the status icon color. In which case the line can adjust in shades of colors based ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Disconnected Status Icons

When a computer is disconnected it shows all the status of every service as disconnected. I think it would be very helpful if it would show the last known status but with a grey color. The grey color will quickly communicate that it's not the current status but still give you the ability to see the last knows service status quickly without having to go into each node to check its statuses individually. I have attached ...more »

Submitted by (@drossbluebolt)

MSP Manager

Color Coded Tickets in MSP Manager

It would be helpful to do a quick customization color code of the ticket in MSP Manager either according to the ticket status or by whatever need a service company has for the tickets such as reviewed or needs review, pending customer contact, pending technician, overdue, etc. While optionally making it automatic, being able to override any automatic settings or to ignore automatic settings one a per ticket basis.

Submitted by (@swampfox)