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AntiVirus update check for MAC

Please add AntiVirus update check for MAC devices.

Plus, for example if you would take a look at Executive Summary Report, then all mac machines appear as not protected.


As your support stated:

"The executive summary report for the antivirus section works from the checks. So for the windows devices you can see that they have antivirus update checks where as the MAC devices doesn't (Because we don't support that). "


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Wrong serial number shown in summary tab

At least for Lenovo devices, the summary tab shows the a serial number that does not tie up with the device when you search for it on Lenovo's website.


The correct serial number can be found in the Assets tab under hardware.


The [Motherboard symbol] serial number is the correct serial number where as its the [BIOS symbol] serial number which is shown in the summary tab. Can this be changed or made customisable?

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Web Protection Summary showing (All Sites) to quickly spot issue

Web Protection Summary showing (All Sites) daily or as many as 4 times a day possible to quickly spot issue. If I could generate or automate the generation of a Daily Web Protection Summary showing (All Site) just the Summary figures Blocked, Bandwidth, Requests, etc it may have helped me spot a machine hit hard by Malware which lead to a CryptoWall Ransomware issue on that workstation and a server thru the shared folders. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

35+ 24/7 Report checks Displayed with detail

The number of properly displayed 24/7 Checks in Reports is limited to 35.

Exceeding numbers of checks cause all of them to become summarized to Categories equivalent to the checks specified.

Please add the Option to "never summarize these checks"




MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Management need the following features badly

Patch Management need the following features badly, for example

1. KB2982791 issue we need ability to remove a patch I have 45 workstations it is already installed on.

2. KB2982791 need to be able to search for something like KB2982791, to show me it for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1

3. Need to be able to click on my 45 installed customers and see the whole list and Client name I have many computers with OWNER.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Management client and summary reports

While we're able to view all of the patches that were installed or failed to install on a server/workstation, that report is really quite useless for our clients. We would like to be able to send a summary page that says here's the number of patches that were installed, here's the number of patches that are pending, and here's the number of patches that failed to install. We would like to generate that in a pie chart ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Asset custom fields to display on summary tab

I'd like the 6 custom fields in the asset tracking to be able to up on the summary tab for workstations and servers. I use these fields for things like asset tag ID, contact name, contact phone number, etc and having quick access to that data without having to go into asset tracking would be useful.


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