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Servicdesk Survey Customer feedback

Please consider improving the feedback rating for servicedesk calls (Maxdesk), the current one is not editable, cannot customize questions. my previous servicedes Manage-engine had one which worked great! a weekly report could be printed out and used at my meetings to discuss call quality and feedback..

example: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-VZ5N2S93/

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Robust User Survey

There is an open source project called "LimeSurvey" that has many great features including the use of tokens to uniquely identify survey responses. I am currently exporting a list of closed tickets and using the ticket number as the token for the user survey. This allows me to tie end-user feedback directly to a specific incident and/or engineer. I can also validate the user feedback against the ticket notes to develop ...more »


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Send satisfaction survey post-closure

Rather than have a random link in responses to end users, can a follow up be scheduled with a link for the end user to confirm their satisfaction and enter any comments once the call has been closed. This would be far clearer for the end user, and would get a better level of response too. We found that 24 hours after call closure is better than at the time of closure.