MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Log Take Control file transfer activity

In addition to session start and end, I'd like to see file transfer activity in the Take Control report. The logging should include the name and size of the file(s) transferred and the direction of the transfer Some of our customers with regulatory or other security requirements require that all data transfers (by employees and service providers) be logged.

Submitted by (@williampolymenakos)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Branding Improvements to MSP Anywhere

Currently with Teamviewer there are options to add a display photo and customise the text that's displayed when you remotely access a machine. With the introduction of MSP Anywhere last year, it needs to be brought in-line with functionality teamviewer has (at least where useful). The current branding options with MSP Anywhere are pretty thin here, we have the option to 'show visual indicator' which is essentially just ...more »

Submitted by (@bag3ls)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Contact End-Client with Chat prior to Remote Logon

Not sure if this is in the works or even an idea. But, it would be nice to initiate a chat session with prior to remoting into their computer. Several times, my clients say "shoot me an email to let me know you are getting on", for monthly maintenance. A lot of times, they do not read their email for hours. Then leaving me to wait till they get off the phone or return from lunch. It makes it difficult to remote ...more »

Submitted by (@fblalock)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Form based URL to access new MSP anywhere

I can access Take Control (team viewer) by using a URL like this Which works great as I can integrate this into my PSA and create live links that connect to the devices and open teamviewer directly (assuming the user is logged in to the dashboard) Now with the new MSP anywhere (which i like better ...more »

Submitted by (@orangevan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

New Take Control aka is horrible in agent 10.5.0

After updating a new agents to Agent version 10.5.0, it replaced the Teamviewer flavor of Take Control with a new remote support program by I would warn people to keep their agents at 10.4.3 version until Logicnow fixes this issue. For the last 5 years, we have centered our business around purchasing and running full Teamviewer licenses and loved it since it integrated beautifully with the LogicNow ...more »

Submitted by (@drandre)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Take Control Viewer Function After Remote Reboot

I would like to suggest adding a feature for the take control viewer to have the ability to reconnect after a remote reboot. As of now after the remote machine reboots Take Control Viewer terminates after 5 minutes and a popup appears on the client computer as well as my machine stating that this is the free version and the full version must be purchased. As this gives a negative image of the product and reduces functionality ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Take Control Viewer

When Take Control Viewer is installed on a workstation, the option for start with windows is not turned on. This becomes an issue when trying to support a client, because take control viewer is not listed in the start menu.

Can you please check "start with windows" during the install of take control viewer.

Submitted by (@josh.vdw)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Using Take Control from a Google Chromebook

Using Take Control from a Google Chromebook; It's much fast and easier for my to meet my client's with a Chromebook as opposed to a full blown laptop. Can you guys take a look into developing an app for Chromebooks to be able to use Take Control so I can better serve my clients? Thanks!


~Bill Bajcz

Submitted by (@richard.dowdy)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Reinstall Take Control

There are times when a customer has called support for an application they use, and that company uses Team Viewer to support the customer, I have had occurrences where our Take Control will no longer works after they have connected to the computer. Removing Take Control and reloading it does not fix it, reloading the agent doesn't fix it. Each time I have had to call LogicNow support and ask them to use their option ...more »

Submitted by (@auroratech)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

xxxx - failed IMPROVEMENTS

Take control - failed Anti virus - failed Often I call your support line and they tell me to edit the .ini file to change the xxxfailed=3 to 0 and try again. So why not add an option in the right click menu of the dashboard to "reset failed counts" This is especially handy for people who can't get take control to work, but can use remote command line to fix the issue. Especially since there is no remote file manager ...more »

Submitted by (@elementalwindx)