MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Take Control MSP Anywhere - Sound from remote device

This is for the take control feature in RMM using the MSP anywhere engine. If this is more appropriate for the MSP Anywhere campaign please feel free to move but as it comes under RMM umbrella I've put here initially. In teamviewer you're able to configure the sound to come through from the device you're remotely connected to, this might be used to help diagnose a sound related issue. Unfortunately this option doesn't ...more »

Submitted by (@bag3ls)

MSP N-central

Ability to set Defaults for (non default) Remote Control types

On Remote Control types that are not setup as the default type for a device class we still need to be able to setup default settings. How we would like this to work 1. we would be able to setup remote control defaults regardless of device type 2. we would be able to set this at SO level, but also make custom changes at the customer or site level (similar to other categories within the Administration\Defaults menu) 3. ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Branding Improvements to MSP Anywhere

Currently with Teamviewer there are options to add a display photo and customise the text that's displayed when you remotely access a machine. With the introduction of MSP Anywhere last year, it needs to be brought in-line with functionality teamviewer has (at least where useful). The current branding options with MSP Anywhere are pretty thin here, we have the option to 'show visual indicator' which is essentially just ...more »

Submitted by (@bag3ls)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

New Take Control aka is horrible in agent 10.5.0

After updating a new agents to Agent version 10.5.0, it replaced the Teamviewer flavor of Take Control with a new remote support program by I would warn people to keep their agents at 10.4.3 version until Logicnow fixes this issue. For the last 5 years, we have centered our business around purchasing and running full Teamviewer licenses and loved it since it integrated beautifully with the LogicNow ...more »

Submitted by (@drandre)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Teamviewer for Mobile

We use Teamviewer to remote to computers and servers. There is also a teamviewer app for mobile devices. It would be extremely beneficial if this teamviewer option were made available for the mobile devices on Max Remote Management. I have to use a separate system JUST to remote to my mobiles because I can not use your version and the other version interchangeably . Please add the option for the mobile devices to utilize ...more »

Submitted by (@cpeele)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Replace Remote Support Agent with TeamViewer QuickSupport

There are often situations as an MSP where a client, or a potential client, contacts us for support which doesn't warrant on onsite visit and can be handled remotely via remote support. However, the current TeamViewer integration requires us to have the client setup with the monitoring agent enabled to access them via TeamViewer, or we have the outdated and clumsy legacy Remote Support Agent, which during our internal ...more »

Submitted by (@idealmsp.paul)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Team Viewer Manual Install

I am wasting SO much time, trying to get Team Viewer to install after it quits working, or never installed correctly. Sometimes it works, and others it attempts to install and finally quits. I have spent a LOT of time working with Tech support and still this issue continues to ;plague us. IT would be SO much easier to have an old-fashioned manual installation program. The install should COMPLETELY document all external ...more »

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