MSP Backup & Recovery

Document Backup should also backup Open Document Template files

When looking at the list of files that is backed up as part of the document backup, Microsoft Office template files are included but the Open Document standard equivalent template files are not. To be more specific, the .OTT, .OTS, .OTG, and .OTP file extensions should be added. Shows the current backed up file type for document backup: http://help.solarwinds.com/backup/documentation/Content/Backup%20and%20recovery/Backup%20Documents/files.htm ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Template doesn't always apply service checks

If I apply a template to a system to check for a running service and that service doesn't exist on the system, the check doesn't get applied. For example, I use a template to push out ShadowProtect. It contains an automated task to do the initial install and several checks (backup check, services, event log, etc.). Since ShadowProtect isn't actually installed yet, the service checks don't get created. I now have to apply ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Linux Monitoring Template

Hi, I shocked me to discover that I couldn't create or copy existing monitoring checks from a Linux server like you can from Windows Servers. I understand the Linux monitoring, tasks and automation aren't quite as advanced as the Windows options, but I expected the Monitoring Template Options to be on par between Windows and Linux. I can't quite get my head round whys its not available. RMM can do already do the checks, ...more »


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MSP Service Desk

ServiceDesk - Better ticket custom fields, design, templates.

We also need a way to move custom fields around for tickets. We only have very basic ticket customization right now. Any new fields are just added to the bottom of the ticket page. I'd like a pull down menu up towards the top that lets the user select what type of problem they are having, be it Hardware, Software, Printer, Internet, or something else. I don't want to do this with various ticket queues. The ability ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Queue Monitoring Template/Task Application for Offline Devices

This is a repost from "LogicNow Ideas" because I'm still not sure about how LogicNow and MAXRM are related or unrelated. I submitted that idea 23 days ago and it is still pending approval. I like the new monitoring templates system--the ability to add additional checks and tasks through a "transparency" or layering system is fantastic. However, there is a HUGE flaw in its implementation. Ever since the change/removal ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Management Policies

I would love to see preset policies for patch management. Ultimately I want to be able to assign specific configurations to specific device types without have to manipulate all the drop down menus and options. There are servers out in my env that I don't want to query for patches but I want them installed manually. There are some servers that I am okay with automatic updates including the reboot, but with all the devices ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add SMS / Email ALert Settings to Templates

The current implementation of email and SMS monitoring setup leaves a lot to be desired with enough checkboxes to cause confusion with one at the server level and one at the check level. Please can this be rationalized and added to the monitoring templates so that the notifications can be set correctly and uniformly from the start. I now have to review all customers and servers to ensure this is correct, not a good ...more »


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