MSP Manager

Submitted by (@andrewway70)

Mark email as ready when Ticket mailbox item is processed

Would love for the ticket processing system to mark items as read once it's processed them. (We have a number of "Utility" mailboxes and the automatic processes that monitor them mark them as read once the system has worked on them - would be great if MSP did that, even as a checkbox option on ticket mailbox setup). Options: - mark email as read - delete email once processed - move processed email to another folder ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@dobrien)

Recent Ticket Data Limit – 3 Days is too short

Recent Ticket Data Limit – 3 Days is too short With NCentral integrated with ConnectWise, the NCentral “Create Ticket” options are available for a device. Tickets created via NCentral will then show up in the “Recent Tickets” list for that device. However, these tickets shall only appear for three (3) days. A ticket not updated for three days will be removed from the list and placed back if updated. Three days is not ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@adwoods)

Have a ticket 'Quick Edit' pull-down menu at top of window

The idea behind this would be to edit the main important fields within a ticket from a quick pull-down menu - so you dont have to go into the ticket fully.

This would speed things up significantly for our staff.

Fields to include would be as follows :


-Time (important one)






Many thanks

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@skinneejoe)

Co Managed Ticketing with Client

We have many clients that also have some in house IT. We would like to offer a "co-managed" ticketing system to these clients. Basically, if we could allow designated users at the client to create, edit, and close tickets this would be great. They should not be able to see our private comments on tickets. Also, we should be able to exclude "co-managed" tickets from reports if desired. EDIT: The best approach to this ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

Ticket Status Updates from adding response, notes, time, etc

We are getting all of SLA breaches due to Technicians forgetting to update ticket status'. I think the problem is Techies are responding or working on a problem (so adding a response or timer) and theres no option to update the ticket status within the 'add' sections. You have to save then section and then edit the ticket its self to change the status. That ruins the workflow. What would also be good would be the status ...more »