MSP Manager

Ticket Status Updates from adding response, notes, time, etc

We are getting all of SLA breaches due to Technicians forgetting to update ticket status'. I think the problem is Techies are responding or working on a problem (so adding a response or timer) and theres no option to update the ticket status within the 'add' sections. You have to save then section and then edit the ticket its self to change the status. That ruins the workflow. What would also be good would be the status ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP Manager

Ticket Routing - Assign Customers to a Queue

The ability to assign a customer to a queue would be nice. MSP Manager should send the queue resources a notification that a ticket has been placed in their respective queue. Currently AutoTask has the functionality and we utilize a territory field. Each customer is assigned a territory and then the workflow rule is setup to route customer with x territory to the x queue and the customers with the y territory to the ...more »

Submitted by (@tpainter)

MSP Manager

Ticket Relationship

I would like to be able to link tickets together. A sort of Parent/Child Relationship so that on larger tickets can have smaller tickets created & linked to... E.G. Ticket 1 is made to set up a new server, Ticket 1a is made for setting up server in the shop, install OS, Updates ect. Ticket 1b is made for deployment, Set up on site, join domain/network ect. Ticket 1c for role out, putting the server as active & remove ...more »

Submitted by (@luke4acm)

MSP Manager

Assign procedure to a ticket

We'd like to be able to assign a procedure to a ticket. We would use it as a task list. We have already workflows in place for different tasks, for example, creating a new user. We need to create the user, create an email, assign the email to the user, assign correct GPOs, groups, etc. If we could just import a procedure (with checkboxes if possible) inside a ticket as task, we could standardize our service and we'd be ...more »

Submitted by (@mafavreau)