MSP Manager

Submitted by (@fideas117)

Make MSP Manager Compatible With Sage

I work for a company that utilizes MSP Manager, however we cannot fully integrate with MSP Manager because the financial aspect cannot communicate with Sage. This idea request is to build an integration tool that allows MSP Manager to communicate with Sage, this will help multiple company infrastructures to streamline as they will be able, like us, to more easily manage clients, tickets, and billing in one place.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@trivisionjdb)

Improved Customer Selection PSA Integration

The current system of selecting the correct customers for ticketing profiles is quite a hassle. When you want to add only specific customers to the ticketing profile you have to press add multiple times, until you have all the customers for which you want to configure the profile. Next you have to select all the customers that don't need the ticketing profile and delete them. A checkbox construction would be much easier ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@matthew.miller)

Add "new ticket/add a new ticket" button when on dashboard

Hi! I would be extremely useful to have a button for "New Ticket" or "Add a New Ticket" when looking at the customer on the dashboard. This would eliminate me from having to then click tickets and then choose "Add a ticket". The most common action when you open a customer's information is going to be to add a ticket, in my opinion. At a minimum, the option to add a ticket should be listed under the "ACTIONS" button. ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@mclscott)

Improve formatting in the Time fields

When entering timings into a ticket such as start time and finish time, I've found the formatting to be a little bit too finicky. The need to specify whether it is AM or PM (not being able to just continue entering and have it pick up automatically), and that it seems to hate lack of spacing between the time and whether it is AM or PM is a l (8:30AM is invalid, where 8:30 AM is fine). The other aspect that I think would ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@matthew.miller)

Change Ticket Start Number

Need to be able to change the starting number for service tickets. Right now, service ticket numbering starts at 1. My company is moving from another PSA software and we are already in the 2,000s with our ticketing number scheme. Since moving to MSP Manager our ticket numbers started over again at 1. We need the ability to adjust the ticket number start so that we can skip at least 2,000 ticket number and get us above ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@matthewk)

Ticketing Only Service

I would like to have a service that doesn't monitor anything but just creates a preset ticket on a recurring schedule. I would use this to standardize recurring maintenance tasks between devices. By using a service template for recurring maintence, I can ensure that all devices of a certain type and/or customer have the same maintenance schedule. Autotask does not do recurring tickets very well and offers no standardization ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@swampfox)

Internal Ticketing Queue

We also use our ticketing system for various tasks and to follow-up on some Internal business initiatives. It would be nice rather than having us as a customer, that we can turn up an Internal queue and track these tickets separately from our customer queues. We don't want them to show up in the general helpdesk view but be treated more like unassigned tickets queue. This way they are completely separate and allow us ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@erikszaks)

Ticket Reallocation for Users on holiday or being deactivated

There should be a check box that enables an "on leave" or "on holiday" mode for a user that redirects tickets to that user's backup user during that time. There should be an option for each user to select a user that is their backup for if the are on leave.

Similarly, when disabling a user, there should be an option to reassign their tickets and customers to another user.

MSP Manager

Submitted by

Easy Ticket Creation via MSP RMM Agent Tray Icon

All of my customers are in healthcare. In this industry (at least for my customers), Unique email addresses for each employee is not something. Instead, all employees hop around to various workstations to perform their tasks and unless they are at the front desk, email is not needed/used. That being said, with MSP Manager, when there is computer related issue, they can not easily create a ticket since they would all ...more »