MSP Manager

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP Manager Scheduling Options

I would like some more options in MSP Manager. 1. The colours for the techs are too close together in some cases. Being able to select my own colours for the techs would be helpful. 2. If I move or delete an appointment, many other appointments will shift around. It would be so much better if each tech had his own column so that all of their calls would line up. This would make the colours for the techs redundant. 3. ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@alan.blair)

Add "Invoiceable Items" to tickets

Currently the only way I can see to add "Charges/Invoiceable Items" to tickets is by using "Expenses". I believe that in Accounting terms "Expenses are somethng that you incur, not something you charge. I propose having an "Invoiceable Items" tab. 1. It should include a dropdown for Templated items that will prefill the price, description and accounting fields (Taxable, Mapped Item). The accounting fields must not ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

Add "Last Customer Response" to sort by in MSP Manager

Would like the ability to sort my opened tickets by a Customers Last Response. Currently you can do it for Last Update but that can mean a User in MSP Manager (tech) added a comment. Under "Sort by" in HelpDesk I want the ability to view when customers last responded to work those tickets.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@prejay)

PSA - Support for ConnectWise Merge(d) Tickets

ConnectWise introduced the ability to merge tickets back in July 2016. After trying to verify compatibility with N-Central at the time, we learnt that merged tickets were not supported through N-Central as the associated ticket numbers wouldn't track back correctly after the merge takes place. I assumed that this would mean N-central would talk to ConnectWise about it, but it looks like that never happened or talks halted ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@bperkins)

Auto close tickets sent to PSA via Sheduled Tasks

We have Scheduled tasks setup under certain rules for clients, ie, install Anitvirus, DNS filtering, system maintenance, etc, that we send over to the proper board in the PSA for proactive time keeping purposes. We would like to auto close successfully run tickets with a time attached to them for reports so it doesn't effect our SLA.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@matthew.miller)

Add "new ticket/add a new ticket" button when on dashboard

Hi! I would be extremely useful to have a button for "New Ticket" or "Add a New Ticket" when looking at the customer on the dashboard. This would eliminate me from having to then click tickets and then choose "Add a ticket". The most common action when you open a customer's information is going to be to add a ticket, in my opinion. At a minimum, the option to add a ticket should be listed under the "ACTIONS" button. ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

New Ticket requests ticket queue drop down issue

When configuring a Staff Agent to have access to specific Ticket Queues they can only see those queues. However, when Staff Agent goes to create a NEW ticket they can see ALL Ticket Queues from the drop down meaning the Staff Agent can assign the ticket to a Queue they do not have access to.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

Auto-Correct Date/Time Entries

It's a bit time consuming to have to make sure that my date/time entries are *perfect* when enter them anywhere. For example, if I enter "3/13/2018 12 PM" it say's it's invalid. Or if I enter "3/13/2018 12:32PM" (missing a space), it says it's invalid. I also can't leave off the AM/PM, or else it's invalid. Most websites use just a little bit of JavaScript to parse a date/time entry to convert a "common sense" (so-to-speak) ...more »