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Ignore seconds in time entries

Let's say I start a timer at exactly 2:15 PM, and I stop it at what looks like exactly 2:30 PM. That should be exactly .25 hours, right? Well, apparently timers count seconds too, even though they don't show them. If I really started it at 2:15:01 PM and stopped it at 2:30:28 PM, and we have rounding turned on, it's going to round that up to 30 minutes. It might even say that the time is "rounded to .25 hours" when it ...more »

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

MSP Manager

Billing In Increments against Hour Retainers

I sell Service Agreements to my clients. I am using the Hour Retainer feature to track these hours. When I go to complete a job and enter the time it only allows me to bill in hour increments. I do a lot of remote support for my clients and if a job only takes me 15 minutes then I want to bill them for 15 minutes, not a full hour. When I try to enter a different time with a decimal it says decimals are not allowed. Need ...more »

Submitted by (@mklimchuk)

MSP Manager

Auto-Correct Date/Time Entries

It's a bit time consuming to have to make sure that my date/time entries are *perfect* when enter them anywhere. For example, if I enter "3/13/2018 12 PM" it say's it's invalid. Or if I enter "3/13/2018 12:32PM" (missing a space), it says it's invalid. I also can't leave off the AM/PM, or else it's invalid. Most websites use just a little bit of JavaScript to parse a date/time entry to convert a "common sense" (so-to-speak) ...more »

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

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Improve formatting in the Time fields

When entering timings into a ticket such as start time and finish time, I've found the formatting to be a little bit too finicky. The need to specify whether it is AM or PM (not being able to just continue entering and have it pick up automatically), and that it seems to hate lack of spacing between the time and whether it is AM or PM is a l (8:30AM is invalid, where 8:30 AM is fine). The other aspect that I think would ...more »

Submitted by (@mclscott)

MSP Manager

View Timesheets of other Users

It would be great to be able to see the other user's timesheets from within the "My Timesheets" screen. Like a drop down screen with the users listed that would change over to their view.


The report is nice (when it works), but it's more cumbersome and takes you away from the area where the information would be helpful.

Submitted by (@melver)

MSP Manager

Internal time-clock

Hello, I think it'd be a great idea to introduce an internal-only timeclock. This could be used for logging time on non-ticket related items that only pertain to our business. Things to be included could be learning, teaching, R&D, documentation, etc. This could be helpful to keep note of what and how much time our techs are dedicating to self-improvement.


Thanks for the consideration!

Submitted by (@jgerman3)

MSP Manager

Show billable amount

It is fine having the amount time on a ticket shown on the ticket list, ticket header and against individual time entries but nowhere can you see the billable amount £pp / $cc. Sometimes I forget to change the rate. Once you have saved the time entry you have no easy way of checking the rate as it is not shown in the time entries unless you edit them. Having the amount in £pp as well as time on each line, in the header ...more »

Submitted by (@paulodell)