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Automation Manager Object - Unix/Epoch Time Converter

Can we please have the ability to convert a Unix time (eg. 1558101338) to a typical readable format, via an automation object or as an addition to the current Format Date object. Many registry keys store time/date in Unix format and i'd rather not have to script a simple registry check and having to run it as Powershell. A current use case for me is Sophos Autoupdate registry keys that report on last update time, sync ...more »


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Ignore seconds in time entries

Let's say I start a timer at exactly 2:15 PM, and I stop it at what looks like exactly 2:30 PM. That should be exactly .25 hours, right? Well, apparently timers count seconds too, even though they don't show them. If I really started it at 2:15:01 PM and stopped it at 2:30:28 PM, and we have rounding turned on, it's going to round that up to 30 minutes. It might even say that the time is "rounded to .25 hours" when it ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Display Emailed View Device Timestamps in Local Timezone

When configuring the Email View, the data that is sent via the daily email is does not match the timestamps displayed in the CMC. This is due to the timestamps being defaulted to UTC. It would be nice to have it instead display the data in the computer's timezone or my own based on the location of my account.


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Improve formatting in the Time fields

When entering timings into a ticket such as start time and finish time, I've found the formatting to be a little bit too finicky. The need to specify whether it is AM or PM (not being able to just continue entering and have it pick up automatically), and that it seems to hate lack of spacing between the time and whether it is AM or PM is a l (8:30AM is invalid, where 8:30 AM is fine). The other aspect that I think would ...more »

MSP Manager

Auto change end date when entering time.

Im not sure about you guys but we typically don't have time entries spanning multiple days. In other time entry programs we have used when we change the date on the "Start" it will auto-change the end date to match. The same goes when changing the end date. Its little things like this that saves those precious seconds when were trying to get the day finished up!


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Change Ticket Statuses Based On Rules

When we reply to an assigned ticket or start a timer on a ticket the status should change from Assigned to In-Progress. Likewise when we set the ticket on hold or pending customer reply and the customer replies it should be taken to a pending technician review status or something similar. We are still missing important messages since the system continues to e-mail us for the changes we put into the system, if we made ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Translate Hex timestamps to System Time

Many applications report timestamps in Hex format. i.e. Faulting application start time: 0x01d281cb61439181 When a Check finds a Critical Event in Event Viewer it simply dumps that data into the email without reporting the time the event was logged to the system (which is in human-readable format.) The hex timestamp is not something most of us can translate in our heads on the fly. Please either convert the hex or report ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Convert exported dates from display to numeric format

Whenever a report is exported to CSV (or excel), the date is formatted in a display format. Converting it to a numeric format would allow me to format the column however I desire, sort based on true chronologcal order, and apply other data transformations without having to do my own conversion for every exported report.



05-JAN-2016 08:00 should be 42374.3345


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Check detail should have columns sized to show info

When displaying the detail results of a PING Check (and several other checks that display the outage history in a tabular format), the columns are not sized wide enough to see the full timestamp. You have to manually resize the columns to see all of the information. And the standard 'double click on the heading edge' does not automatically resize the column. I reported this and the response I received was that "this ...more »