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Full Customer/Site Support in N-Central & Report Manager

After introducing partial support for sites into n-central quite some time ago, support for customers/sites was removed or never actually added in filter previews and reports.

I am told that for a report or filter to include the customer/site instead of just a device name, a feature request needs to be created because Solarwinds consider this to be by design.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

trim (Strip whitespace) on all inputs

Everybody has seen errors, when a form did not give the expected result, because you did copy&paste of an IBAN, creditcard number, or a machinename into an input filed. The cause of it: you copied a (trailing) space into the clipboard. This can be easily fixed by the webdesigner: trim all spaces from inputs. In PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/function.trim.php All inputs already need to be parsed - to prevent sql injections. ...more »


MSP N-central

Assign custom or threshold templates to services

I would love to see the ability to display a list of services based on service or name and apply a custom threshold or threshold template to one or more without having to rely on the service-template that applies to a device and all services for that template. The example I'm thinking of; A Client wants custom thresholds for Server Disk Space Utilization(%) based on the size of the disk. <= 500GB | 90% for failed 501GB ...more »


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Custom Expression Generate help text appears over button

Don't do that. It's annoying.


Maybe put the button somewhere else, or just have it generate when the mouse cursor leaves the box, or put the generate button inside the box. Maybe move the help text over the box. Maybe put it over the "Find devices where" list box.


Minor issue, still annoying every time I encounter it.


MSP N-central

Edit filter from devices list

Whichever filter is currently selected (for example on the All Devices page) should be editable from that page. Having to go to a different part of the application to edit a filter (and leave where I am) is a waste of my time and only adds seconds to each and every task I perform in a given day. The seconds add up to a lot of time wasted walking around N-Central. * Add an edit button next to the Filter selection button. ...more »


MSP N-central

Stop wasting screen real estate

I shrink the page using my browser to 75% or 85%. For a product that is supposed to be a "single pane of glass," I have to do a lot of scrolling to see anything. Unless I have an incredibly huge screen I wouldn't be able to see everything on a single page. I've attached a screenshot of just the header area of the N-Central UI for reference. Here's a few ideas that could easily save thousands of pixels on just a single ...more »


MSP Manager

Auto-Refresh Tickets and Dashboards

We need an option or a button in the UI for the ticket list and statistics, both in the Helpdesk and the Dashboard, to enable/disable auto-refresh at a selected interval, i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. While the existing manual refresh button is helpful when you don't have auto-refresh, it is troubling that every users has to remember to hit the refresh button to determine if something has been changed or a new ticket has ...more »


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MSP Manager

Improve size of text field for creating a new Note.

Currently, the text box when creating a new note is not very tall, and cannot be resized on the fly. This makes typing long notes difficult, especially when pasting in images or using other HTML features. We shouldn't have to resort to typing notes in a word processor first to get things like lists, paragraphs, etc the way we want them. Even if the text box can be made larger and resizable, there's still a massive amount ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

UX/UI - Group Common Features (packages/services)

Most of us monitoring a customer base will have various or specific sets of service packages they offer. Usually this would entail a package having the same feature set but not every customer will have the same package. This is something that Solarwinds MSP actively suggest selling, different levels of service to provide a specific purpose e.g. endpoint security so if we have these packages/services, we need an easier ...more »