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Don't count External (USB) drives for SMART monitoring

As it stands, when a USB drive is plugged into a computer and left in during an Asset Scan, the agent picks it up as a new drive and the default Service Template adds the drive for SMART monitoring. When the drive is removed, the service falls to Misconfigured and remains in that state. Removing the service will see it re-added when the Service Template is re-applied. This will remain the case until Support can remove ...more »


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Antivirus - Differentiate between USB flash and hard drives

The AV product needs to differentiate between USB flash drives and USB hard drives for the "Scan USB drives upon insertion" or offer an option to skip the scan.


Do you know how long it takes to scan a 2 TB drive inserted into a USB 2.0 port?


It would be nice for the product to recognize the drive type (or drive capacity) and allow for scanning flash drives (or drives < 64 Gb) but omit USB hard drives (or > 64Gb).