MSP N-central

Access to NCentral User’s Name and IDs to Reporting

In the Reporting database warehouse, there should be a table [dimUsers] (our employees), with the User’s name, Id, NCentralID and other similar and hopefully relatable data. This would be similar to useraccount in ods_rmm_ds1. See also related suggestion for “Add Primary Responsibility to Customers/Sites” Idea No. 3442.

Submitted by (@dobrien)

MSP N-central

Access to NCentral User’s Name and IDs in the API

Since there is access to AddUser and User Roles, there should be a method similar to GetUsers (our employees), with the User’s name, Id, NCentralID and other similar and hopefully relatable data provided. See also related suggestion for “Add Primary Responsibly to Customers/Sites” Idea No. 3442.

Submitted by (@dobrien)


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MSP N-central

Add Primary Responsibility to Customers/Sites

Allow for an NCentral customer to have assigned to it a primary from the NCentral User list (our employees), as Account Managers or other term. Lets say I have 100 Accounts divided amongst 10 Account Managers (selectable from my users). If this data is available via the API and pumped over to a new column (UserID) in dimCustomer in the warehouse database, then one can make assignments in ticket application based on ...more »

Submitted by (@dobrien)

MSP N-central

Report on clients' domain users

We bill most of our customers on a per-machine basis, but we have a handful (mostly RDS / Terminal Server environments) that we bill by the user. N-Central has access to the information via the Domain User Management section, but I don't believe it is available via reports anywhere. We're not looking to build an audit trail with this data, but simply need a snapshot to adjust monthly billing. For our purposes at least, ...more »

Submitted by (@pcnet.andy)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch deferment via popup on local machine

Please add the ability for us to send a custom popup when patches are about to be installed so that the user has the ability to defer patches ie 30mins, 1hr, 6hrs, 24hrs, etc. At times patches install themselves in the middle of a workday and in the case where the user cannot be interrupted this is VERY much unacceptable. The user should have the ability to at least defer 1 or 2 times so as to complete their workday ...more »

Submitted by (@hubandspokeit)

MSP N-central

Enable editing devices from SO-Level - not only customer level

We have the following situation: Our support technicians have access to most of our customers, but not all - e.g. some customers who quit their contract but are still in N-Central. No technician should see them, edit them or get alarms from them. We allow our technicians in N-Central 11.1 the access via an Access-Group, but obviously NOT with the SO-Level because not all of the customers should be seen. The following ...more »

Submitted by (@felix.h)

MSP Manager

Ticket Reallocation for Users on holiday or being deactivated

There should be a check box that enables an "on leave" or "on holiday" mode for a user that redirects tickets to that user's backup user during that time. There should be an option for each user to select a user that is their backup for if the are on leave.

Similarly, when disabling a user, there should be an option to reassign their tickets and customers to another user.

Submitted by (@erikszaks)

MSP N-central

Connect2Help - Message notifyer

Would like to add an easy way to notify via broadcast to clients (Not Email), for things like security issues, outages, and scheduled events. We would like to maintain an active alert until it is cleared by the N-Central Tech or N-Central administrator. Once cleared, the message will no longer list and no longer alert. A history of alerts are viewable in n-Central for Administrators and Techs. Must be able to push ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)