Mail Assure

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

Optional drop-down list of admins when transferring domains

Raised on behalf of Awaken IT.


When transferring a domain to another admin, an optional drop-down list containing the sub-admins of the currently-logged-in user would be helpful, as this prevents the need to remember the exact name given to the intended recipient admin account; otherwise, it can't be checked at that point without leaving the screen.


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MSP N-central

Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)

Reapply Rule from Device Details

I would like to be able to select a rule in the Device Details -> Monitoring -> Associations view and reapply it. Often there is no easy way to disassociate a device from a rule and reassociate it to get the rule to be reapplied to the device. Service Templates can be reapplied, and Scheduled Task Profiles and Maintenance Windows require browsing to multiple different locations to reapply their settings. Clicking on ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@desiwren)

Column header on Detailed Status Report should always be visible

My team routinely uses the Detailed Status Report to see the recent up/down status of devices. If we try to view more than 16 days or so, when we scroll down we can no longer see the time at the top of the graph. It'd be nice if the time markers stayed at the top even while scrolling. 1. Click into the device 2. Click on Monitoring tab 3. Click on the monitor you're wondering about (usually agent status or connectivity) ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@christoph)

Don't ghost continue button on navigatorlogin

Our devices are fully encrypted, I am saving passwords on them. When logging in on I need to focus the passwordfield and hit hit enter/tab or something. I got barley webdesign knowledge, so I guess the login button only gets enable on mouseout of the passwordfield or something. Please change that.


I am attaching an screenshot for better explanation.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@desiwren)

Add note about why ignoring discovered device

We would love the ability to add a note about why we're marking a particular device as ignored. Use case for this is we have a client who still has a device on-site, and accidentally turned it on, though it shouldn't be used. If I were able to mark why it was being ignored, the next time it shows up the tech who views it then will be able to know why it's being ignored.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@prejay)

SO Level Reporting - Bulk Customer Level Reporting Instead

So the SO Level reporting (and the descriptions) is broken by design. It's a UX Disaster. They were never actually meant to be run at the so level which is why they don't include the details that the customer level reports do, and were never updated to include the customers/sites that an so level report would need to be fit for purpose. Yet the descriptions are the same as the customer level reports which is completely ...more »

Mail Assure

Submitted by (@mohammad.siddique)

Branding color schemes need improvement

I would like to have ability to modify some CSS for the color scheme at all levels (admin, domain, user)? Not for the login screen but the entire site. I like the one colored #2d335b, but it's too dark and I would like to brighten up the words in the Nav column. The other choices are not that great looking. The CSS elements I want to change and the color I would like to have, as the default (#777) is too dark because ...more »


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