MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Command Line Interface (CLI) for Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender)

It would be great to have a command line interface (CLI) for managed antivirus (bitdefender). To scan single files or folders manually on demand. To avoid access errors during special tasks (e.g. build server; server execution ...). A usable return value (OK, blocked ...) would be necessary. There is a command line interface vor Vipre, but we want to use bitdefender and the cli for Vipre is very simple (no return values).... ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Laptop/Desktop Policy and Battery Saving mode

Hello, as of now it is not possible to deploy a vipre laptop policy on a device detected as a desktop device ( e.g. Microsoft Surface ) which means, this device cannot utilize the battery saving options of laptop policies. Additionally the battery saving options in Bitdefender policies are missing entirely while being an important factor for laptops running on battery. So we would like to be able to deploy laptop policies ...more »


Email Notification when Manual Scan is Complete

After a threat is quarantined, I manually initiate a quick or deep scan of the user's computer. I know that if the scan detects additional threats that I will get an email alert. But it would be nice to get an email saying, "Your manual scan of John's Desktop is complete and everything looks good."


I know that "no news is good news," but sometimes its comforting to have confirmation.


Vipre Online Ability to Block Folder Locations

I know with the on-premise Vipre you can have it set to actively block certain files and folder locations from allowing things to install. This was on one of your webinars that let's say you wanted to block Ask Toolbar it has a default location and you just set it to block that location.


Vipre Business Online is unable to do this. Seems as of late Vipre Business Online is trailing to far behind the on-premise.