MSP Manager

Submitted by (@wayne.jondle)

Desktop app or browser extension or PWA for MSPM ticket/time

I would like SOMETHING local on my machine that allows me to start/pause/stop time and create tickets. Similar to the current way the current quick ticket system on the site works. a browser extension or a local installed app running in the task tray would be ideal. the issue is having to switch back to the MSPM tab or open a new tab to log back in takes time and interrupts workflow.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@mafavreau)

Assign procedure to a ticket

We'd like to be able to assign a procedure to a ticket. We would use it as a task list. We have already workflows in place for different tasks, for example, creating a new user. We need to create the user, create an email, assign the email to the user, assign correct GPOs, groups, etc. If we could just import a procedure (with checkboxes if possible) inside a ticket as task, we could standardize our service and we'd be ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@bluecomp.jim)

Move ticket to Unassigned when All Assigned users are removed

When all assigned users are removed from a ticket the ticket should be changed to "unassigned" status.


Currently when a ticket is assigned but no tech is associated it does not appear in either the "My Open Tickets" view or in the "Unassigned tickets" view, thus it is possible for the ticket to get lost in the 'cracks'.