MSP Manager

Responding to Tickets should reply-to User who logged the ticket

Hi There,


When responding to tickets I think it should automatically add the ticket logger to the respond to.

It should work as an email system where you can just reply to the ticket logger.


We use our ticketing system not only for N-Central but for other products we sell as well so we cannot add all the contacts of people logging tickets.

Submitted by (@johanyzelle)

MSP N-central

Report manager Last Boot up Time and logged in user by device

for Report manager Last Boot up Time and logged in user by device report, the ability to run the report for all customers instead of having to run the report for each customer.


In the example pic, there are 2 customers.


I would like the ability to select all instead of doing multiple runs.

Submitted by (@barrett.letch)

MSP N-central

Accept Date/Time data as Date/Time and take action off of it

This was prompted by our recent development of automation policy based custom services. We would like to be able to pass date/time information to N-Central so the custom service's thresholds can we set around the date/time. Example: AMP sends date/time data to custom service for the last Malwarebytes database update. We then configure the threshold as warning after 5 days and mark failed after 10. We know this math ...more »

Submitted by (@pdugan)

Mail Assure

When receiving Email Scout reports want user to authenticate

When receiving Email Scout Reports, the client wants the email users to have to authenticate using their email user passwords when viewing the content of the message. This is in case the messages are false positives that contain confidential information to stop unauthorized access to these messages.

Submitted by (@catriona.bowen)

MSP Service Desk

Bring Back Expanded Description Box in Chrome Support Portal

The description box and comment box when submitting a case to Solarwinds used to be expandable (Exactly like this description box can be in ideascale). You could grab the corner and expand the box making it easier to edit your descriptions and copy or paste error messages. The symbol is still in the corner of the text box however when you click to drag on it nothing changes. If you attempt to create a new idea here you ...more »

Submitted by (@azanoncello)

MSP N-central

Patch Management - corrupt installer - checksum doesn't match

I would like to suggest that the PatchManager retries to download the patch installer from the probe, or from the vendor site, after it is detected that the installer is corrupt. The behavior now is to delete the corrupt installer and wait for the next pre-download window to arrive before trying to get the valid installer, so the machine needs to wait for the next patch install window before it even retries. Having the ...more »

Submitted by (@rodd.ahrenstorff)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Automation Manager - MSG.exe mutiple lined message

The msg command can accept input from a text file via stdin redirection, plus you could edit your multi-line message into a text file.

Would be great if you implement this.


Reference link:

Submitted by (@t.sturm)