MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to Mass Edit GFI Languard Attendant Service

When you enable Patch Management on a device, the service 'GFI LanGuard Attendance Service' gets added to Checks. There is no way (and I've confirmed this with support) to edit it on multiple devices at once. If you right click, 'Edit Checks Like This' is grayed out, and it's not in the Windows Service List to add it to a monitoring template. On occasion it will stop, which prevents Patch Management from fully functioning, ...more »

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MSP Manager

Secondary sort option

It would be nice when looking at tickets, if we could set a primary and secondary sort option. Example would be sort by Priority first, then customer second, so high priority tickets at the top, normal in the middle, etc, but then within the high priority tickets, they are sorted by customer. You can already acheive this by clicking customer first, then sorting by priority, but after a refresh it only sorts by priority. ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Online forum where RMM techs can share knowledge

Create an online forum for RMM techs to share knowledge.


For example, this week KB4088875 killed network connections. Having a community forum where we can discuss issue, how to fix, how to use RMM to our advantage to help solve issue/block KB, etc. would be helpful.


Or, is there already a group in a non-Solarwinds managed forum in which many RMM techs participate?

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MSP Anywhere

Actual Multi Monitor support (view 2 remote monitors at once)

MSP Anywhere really needs TRUE multi Monitor support, with the ability to break out multiple remote monitors into separate windows (so you can see both remote monitors at the same time, without having to flip back and forth) This idea/feature request was posted over a year ago: And for some reason is marked as "completed" when the functionality ...more »

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MSP N-central

Automated Removal of Service Template Associations

Situation: You have a software installed on a device. Service template associates with that device. Software is later uninstalled from that device. The service template and services remain associated and must be manually removed. If a rule no longer applies to a device than the service template association should be removed. It should be optional within the Rule for it to remove as well as optional for removal of the ...more »

Submitted by (@abirchler)