MSP Manager

Include all contacts and locations when adding a new response

Right now you can only choose a TO address in a new response for contacts if the Location is chosen in the ticket. In order to view all Locations and all contacts you have to leave the Location field in a ticket blank. I would like to see the ability to view all contacts regardless of which Location is selected.



Thank you.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP Service Desk

report for tickets open long time

It would be nice to be able to create a report for tickets that are open for longer than x time. For example, if there is a ticket that has been open for more than 6 months, it would be nice to have an easy way of configuring this. The current report options are a little lackluster and could use more robustness.

Submitted by (@jfarlow2005)

Mail Assure

Backup Code Prompt When Setting Up 2FA

When a user sets up two-factor authentication in Mail Assure, there is no recovery code given after finishing setup. When logging into Mail Assure, there is no prompt for a recovery code, and nowhere to put in a recovery code in case a user encounters issues with 2FA. After a user sets up 2FA for their login, they have a button which provides them with Backup Codes in case they encounter issues with 2FA (this provides ...more »

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP Risk Intelligence

Add custom User role

Would like the ability for SolarWinds Risk Intelligence to incorporate a custom User role. This custom role would allow for example an admin to create a role which would only allow the logged in user to view already generated reports and would not allow them to add anything or run any type of scans.


Thank you :)

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

Mail Assure

Outbound logs for multitenant exchange sharing same IP

Not easy to explain but here goes We have an issue with outbound log tracing when domains share the same sending IP for outbound email, we use multitenant exchange servers on our hosting environment. Example Domain has IP address as a user for outbound mail Domain also has same IP added as a user for outbound mail Both domains also have authenticating domain ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.mcluckie)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Event-ID check auto-clear

When Configuring checks like SNMP/OID checks don't work (in our case), we found event-id's coming from the HP system management console along with the event-sources. We can configure the event-sources as a 24x7 check in RMM, and RMM detects them nicely and generates faults when a piece of hardware (e.g. Harddisk) fails. Upon the next check (approx 5 min.) the check automatically clears. So if we don't notice the faulty ...more »

Submitted by (@duncker)