MSP Manager

Need information on billed items to indicate the billing batch

I was just trying to find why a ticket was showing as billed but I could not find it in billing. What had happened is my tech changed the customer name from their contact name to their company name after it was billed. Lookin at the ticket time entries the only indication that they were billed was the "$billed" lablel in the header. No indication of when it was billed or the batch name. It would be good if it had "$billed ...more »

Submitted by (@alan.blair)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Redundancies to Restart the Agent

I would like more redundancies in place to restart the Advanced Monitoring Agent. I set the Advanced Monitoring Agent to restart if stopped via Windows Services and the regular check. Service does not restart client reports there are no dependencies for the service to restart and am forced to manually restart it. This seems to happen all the time, so I would like to have other redundancies in place to automatically ...more »

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Azure support

We would like to see Azure support reintegrated into Backup & Recovery


They may have been rarely used before but more and more people now are moving to the cloud and we have customers looking to host all their systems and servers on the cloud. We would like to continue using Backup & Recovery to protect our customers and we need it to support Azure.

Submitted by (@benfitz)

MSP Manager

Assign specific passwords, procedures, and contacts to ticket

You can specifically assign assets and tasks to a ticket, it would be great if you could also specifically assign the passwords, procedures and contacts that are relevant to a ticket. Also, it would be nice if there was a way to assign passwords and procedures that were "global" to the system, not just specific to a client to a ticket. Our techs may need to login to a web portal where we manage many of our clients, so ...more »

Submitted by (@skinneejoe)