MSP N-central

Ability to customize dashboard columns

Opening on behalf of Graficom Solutions BV. On the N-Central dashboard if the customer name is long, it will not display correctly in the column The dashboard columns have a fixed size rather than variable. That size can't be customized at all leading to the truncated customer names. It would be good if this could be customized so it would be easier to identify what's the customer name (in case it's long and truncated) ...more »

Submitted by (@joao.amaral)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Prevent remote uninstall of Agent

A server recently got hit with a Crypto Virus. The virus uninstalled the monitoring agent while it was syncing and the agent was removed from the dashboard along with all of it's history and data.


I would like a change that prevents the agent from being removed from the dashboard when the agent is uninstalled at the device. This would allow us to view any issues before it was removed from the device.

Submitted by (@qbteadmin)

MSP N-central

Monitoring of "Scale Computing" KVM HyperVisor nodes

As we are starting to move away from Hyper-V and VMware and into the Scale Computing KVM HyperVisor, it would be helpful to have services available for monitoring them, like there are currently many monitoring options available for ESXi hosts.


Are there plans to implement integration of KVM nodes with N-Central?


Would others find this beneficial?

Submitted by (@matt.moore)

MSP N-central

Audit of License Keys

I know there are a couple of reports but they are very limited to Microsoft Office and windows. I suggest a report that you could utilize for Microsoft audits that show each key (full not just last 5), how many devices its installed on and what devices its installed on. Also, would like to see the ability to track other applications license keys such as adobe, revit, solidworks, ect....

Submitted by (@chad.menard)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Send Offline Alerts ONLY to a different email

Instead of sending every alert to specific emails, having the ability to send offline alerts to a specific group is a big boon.


In our case, Not everyone needs to see disk performance or definition out of date alerts, but the whole support team should be forwarded on offline servers.


With the current setup, this is not possible.

Submitted by (@ftavares)