MSP Backup & Recovery

Option to exclude non-local filesystems from Linux backup

On Linux servers, the MSP Backup by default backups all mounted filesystems, included non-local filesystems like NFS mounted filesystems. Since these filesystems are already backuped on the fileserver, it is unnecessary to back them up again on all other servers that have these filesystems mounted. Of course it is possible to exclude these network filesystems on an individual basis by using excludes, but that makes it ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Information on Blocked Sites in Web Protection

When a URL or IP address is blocked by Web Protection, I would like it to show more information on the local device so a better decision can be made regarding whitelisting the site. An example of information included would be if an IP address is registered to a company, i.e. Google, DropBox, etc. I would like that information to be displayed in the block recorded in the taskbar on the local device, and when searching ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Alarm sound or popup when device is added to a dashboard

We are using a warning/failed filter on disk, connectivity, cpu, memory, agent status. We are displaying this on a dashboard. We want to have an alarm sound when a device is added on the dashboard, so we can act faster. There is an option to send an email to a mailbox and use the mail client to alarm, but that is not what we want. It should be a native feature right? And it is much more flexible to create a dashboard ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Must Fix 2FA, IP Restrictions, timeouts

The phone calls, emails, and numerous complaints on here should make it self-evident already. There are a ton of them so there's really no single place to post my thoughts without repeating the same information on a lot of posts. So I'll start a new one and hope the community here might see it and add their .02. The new poorly-implemented IP restrictions and 2FA crap are a huge hurdle we have to deal with every day - ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add support for specifying Cache Service Cache Size to Policy

Hey there, we would like to see an option to specify the allocated space for the Caching Service. Currently this is set to 10GB by default and the cache folder will not be cleared before hitting the threshold. This means unnecessarily wasted disk space on Drive C:\. To solve this we would like to see either a way to have a cleaning mechanism linked to the file age in the cache folder or the ability to set a certain size ...more »


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MSP N-central

Fix HTTPS certificate, HTTPS by default

The certificate for https://ideas.solarwindsmsp.com is invalid. It's using a wildcard certificate for *.ideascale.com which doesn't match the domain from which its requested.


HTTPS should be enabled by default. People's real names and information are available on this site should they choose to divulge it. It's irresponsible to not protect it justly.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Failed Logon check remediation.

Failed Login check has become helpful now that it reports the IP address and username, but GFI doesn't really provide a method of remediation. It would be helpful if GFI could provide some kind of functionality to block the authentication attempts that are causing the problem. This could happen a few different ways-- A) a button next to the offending traffic that says "block this" B) a dynamically created blacklist ...more »


Two factor authentication for administrator login

Securing the administrator login with two factor authentication would be great. This can either be a simple verification code sent to the email address when logging in on a new PC or using something like Google Authenticator.

Alliteratively implementing google single sign-on would mean two factor authentication can be enabled at ‘source’


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