Mail Assure

Link at bottom of daily spam email not acceptable

On the daily spam email digest, there is a link at the bottom of the page labeled "To access your quarantine or unsubscribe from this automatic report, please click here". The clickable link provided takes the user directly to the web page to unsubscribe. As an MSP providing this service, I do not want to provide users with an easy way to unsubscribe from the digest. The clickable link should take them instead directly ...more »

Submitted by (@kweilbacher)

MSP Risk Intelligence

Executive Summary Report

I would like to see a report that is a high level overview of an "organization". Show the top 5 and bottom 5 "Data Breach Risk by Host" that site/client. Break down the overall percentages of vulnerabilities, by vendor, for the whole site. Give the overall stats for "Unprotected Data Scan Statistics" for the whole site. Include the total liability $ for the entire site/client/organization. Provide totals of the things ...more »

Submitted by (@jschowalter)


Same LogicCards for everyone setting

I have been with my company 4 months and been the sole person responsible for the software the entire time. I only began receiving more than two Logic Cards about a week ago. Only once have I received a Patch Tuesday card. I have to ask my manager to send me all his logic cards, which takes time and makes no sense. If this can't be changed for everyone, at least make it a setting so everyone working on the software ...more »

Submitted by (@sierrap)


Risky toolbars detected on your devices - nonsense!

The card just appeared in my dashboard, saying my ERP-Server has an unneeded toolbar installed. The 'Toolbar' is a component of my ERP-Software, which is barely or not known outside of Germany.

My guess: This LOGICcard does one simple thing - searching within the installed softwarelist for the string 'toolbar'. It is not using a database of risky software or something.


Please remove that card or tune it.

Submitted by (@christoph)