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Submitted by (@jimshu79)

Feature Request - Filter out recently installed software

The software inventory report contains thousands of records when you consider all the users and workstations in a network. Being able to sort or filter out, by date, just the applications that were installed in the past x days, would be helpful in identifying what has actually been added to the network.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@aaron.martinez)

Patches Installed with Errors, cannot find KB number

I've ran into this a few times, please reference your KB000034502 Patch Status indicates some Patches have installed with Errors. Only way to correct is to re-install the updates so the errors clear. Alternatively if you believe patch is correctly installed, you can DECLINE and have it removed from reporting. Me ...more »

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Submitted by (@mstein)

Automated LSV Deactivation Improvement

Recently the functionality to automatically remove a LSV if not available for 2 weeks straight has been introduced.

However there is a flaw in this logic as this also applies to devices, which are simply offline for a certain amount of time.

If the LSV is in "failed" state and the device goes offline for two weeks, the LSV will be removed upon the next device boot.

This should not happen in my eyes.